Mass Effect 3 Release Details Leaked On Twitter

We have caught wind of a recent Tweet that has been leaked regarding the new Mass Effect 3. The Tweet came from an official Sony sanctioned account but should we believe that this is real? Now onto what you all want to know, what did it say?

Well according to the Tweet is suggesting that The Company BioWare Aware for Video Game Awares showed a teaser and that within the teaser you could see the first footage of the next installment to the popular Mass Effect saga. if this game is on its way then i bet you can’t wait for it. This could be real but sorry guys i am being doubtful.

You have to ask a few questions about this, like is that Twitter account really an official Sony one? You also need to think that more and more rumors like this are coming out every day, not just about video games but about everything from celebrities to science. I am just questioning the reliability of the source. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below.

  • Hafeez

    I dont think its real cuz mass effect 2 was only out roughly jan 2010 and b4 that ME 1 came out a few years before ME 2. so with this logic i would think that it'll take longer than a year (maybe 2 years) b4 they can release ME3 as it has to be able to link back to the previous 2 games and I wud have thought, that wud take more than a year or 2!!! but still knowing that doesn't stop me from wanting to PLAYMASS EFFTECT 3 NOW !!!!!!!! I SIMPLY CANT WAIT. I KNOW ITS GONNA B 1 OF THE BEST GAMES EVER MADE EVER!!!! Haf

  • Magpie

    Just because it may not be complete and ready for sale, doesn't mean they can't announce it! Take a look at Bioshock Infinite, for example. Announced recently, but won't be available til 2012?
    I know Bioware have released a very short teaser clip.. I suppose we'll just have to wait for Dec 11th to find out for certain!! One thing's for sure, though; Mass Effect 3 will certainly be well anticipated. I know I'll be the first in line!!

  • fred

    are you all realy that stupid look on the ign site mass effect 3 has already been given a 2011 release date and it has been rumored to be january 26th.


    Mass effect 3 has reportedly been in the makings since BEFORE ME2 was released. And, this is its scheduled year to come out since me1 came out 2 years before me2 so late 2011 to early 2012 will be roughly 2 years later