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Facebook Malware BitDefender / Safego Statistics

November 23, 2021 | Tim Ollason


Facebook Malware BitDefender / Safego Statistics

An interesting one regarding Facebook and it’s vulnerability to Malware. There have been some stats released today that BitDefender got from Safego saying that 20% of Facebook users are being exposed. Quite a high amount, way too much in my opinion.

The sample number was 14,000 and these users had to install an app. Now at this point you are probably thinking… Hang on Facebook has around 500 million users, isn’t that sample too small to get a realistic view of the extent of the issues. Well that’s what I thought anyway. To read on about the Malware and Safego statistics head over to where Caroline McCarthy has written an article.

The thing is, we have already reported to you about the privacy risks with Facebook but things like this are coming to light more and more often, so what are Facebook going to do about it? Surely they have to address this as a whole rather than a case by case basis.

What do you think of this study? Do you agree that the sample was too small? Let your feelings be known in the comments below.

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  1. andrew blignaut says:

    The stats released today that BitDefender got from Safego saying that 20% of Facebook users are being exposed is definitely way too much in my opinion. I have just become sick of all facebook and its constant issues regarding privacy. It does not make sense at all to continue using these sites at the rate that they are putting users at a risk. I am just waiting for new social networking sites which actually care about my privacy. Sites like MyCube and Diaspora sound particularly promising

  2. Tim Ollason says:

    Thanks for your comment andrew, I have also recently written an article on the Alpha release of Diaspora if you want to have a look, it may be of interest to you…

    Hope this helps

  3. adamjohnson says:

    i agree with andrew, Facebook has really become unusable. these privacy lapses can prove to be too costly. i am really excited about Diaspora and MyCube and I am hoping they can live up to their promise of reviving online privacy. Continuing with facebook after all these facts would be ridiculous.

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