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Dell Streak Android 2.2 Live: Dell Stage UI Impressions

November 23, 2021 | Tim Ollason


Dell Streak Android 2.2 Live: Dell Stage UI Impressions

The Dell Streak 5” tablet has been out for a little while now and recently there has been an update released for it’s Android 2.2 OS which has introduced a completely new user interface, they have called it “Dell Stage”.

What can expect from the Dell Stage? Well it is a new approach to a Dell system, it sees web pages, songs, photos and apps bundled and brought together then shown to you as a Stage. Dell have introduced a total of 8 stages for the UI, these are as follows. Gallery, Music, Web, Contacts, Email, Web, Home and most interestingly Social.

Now importantly these are only Dell’s view, if you want to you can still customize this to your needs with your favorite apps. There are many other features that have been added so head on over to where you can read a full round up of the new functionality.

My impressions of the new UI, very nice, good work Dell. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. iStormUK says:

    Old GUI was nicer. This 'Dell Stage UI' from all I've seen is being misnamed as a UI, when in fact all it is as a stock Android UI with a few lousy widgets. The old 'User Interface' had drop down options on the top bar, didn't need to br dragged, and the icons from one desktop did not get shown on others, this is Dell's lousiest US to date

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