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Christmas Tree Facebook App Virus: Real or Not?

November 23, 2021 | Tina Chubb

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Christmas Tree Facebook App Virus: Real or Not?

Social networking sites such as Facebook are always getting targeted by hackers and scams and we’ve heard about a few of them over the past few months, including one that appeared to target Justin Bieber fans and another click worm scam.

Now it appears that there could be another scam on the popular social networking website. According to Stan Schroeder over at, a new message has been spreading rather quickly throughout Facebook, warning users against an application called “Christmas Tree.”

However, the message appears to be fake, and Internet security firms have not issued a threat warning about any such app. The message apparently claims that the “Christmas Tree” app could either steal your personal data, or even crash your computer.

The problem with a fake scam message such as this is that it creates confusion amongst Facebook users, and soon it becomes hard for them to tell the difference between fake threats and real ones. Have you seen the “Christmas Tree” app warning on Facebook? Do you think it’s real?

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  1. andrew blignaut says:

    I think the number of bugs and errors on facebook have crosses the tolerable limit. No content on facebook is safe at all. It seems like everything you do on facebook can be tracked and used and sold. Nothing on facebook is private. I have gotten sick of these issues and am quitting facebook. Hopefully MyCube or Diaspora restore privacy to Social Media

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