Apple One-Day Shopping Event: Black Friday 2010

With Black Friday fast approaching naturally everyone is looking to have the best deals to pull people into their stores. Apple who are not known for their huge discounts will be offering some kind of deal but at the moment we are unsure as to how much. What we can tell you is last year Apple discounted their MacBook Pro range by $101 each, that is a fairly hefty reduction but can we expect similar ones this year?

We at OSM received an email from Apple it’s self with a promotional advert linking to their online store and store finder. What Apple wants is for you all to browse the store and then come Friday check back to see their reductions. You too can link to the Apple store but remember, the deals are NOT live yet. Is there a specific Apple product that you would like to see reduced?

Check back on the Apple store on Friday to pick up the official offers directly. Is there anything you are looking to pick up from Apple at a discounted price? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.