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Zynga’s CityVille Video Gameplay Footage

November 22, 2021 | Tina Chubb

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Zynga’s CityVille Video Gameplay Footage

If you just happen to be a fan of the hugely popular “FarmVille” game application on Facebook, then you may have read our previous article on Zynga’s upcoming “CityVille” city management game. If you are interested in the game, you might like to see some gameplay footage.

According to a recent article over at by Laura Smith, the social network game developer is currently working on the new title, which is said to have a similar style to “SimCity.” As mentioned previously, a beta version of the game – available in 5 different languages – is arriving soon.

This is the very first time that Zynga is actually releasing one of its games for the entire world simultaneously. Judging by the description of “CityVille,” the game is a combination of “SimCity” and “FarmVille,” with players having to plan and build their very own modern city.

Once they have done so, they will have to sit in the mayor’s chair and run their city. Like other social games, “CityVille” will be free to play. However, you will be able to develop your city quicker by paying an extra fee. Will you abandon “FarmVille” and start playing “CityVille?”

You can view the gameplay footage below this post.

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