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WWE Survivor Series Results: John Cena Fired - Orton Speaks

November 22, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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WWE Survivor Series Results: John Cena Fired – Orton Speaks

Ok guys, I don’t know about you but I am still a little disappointed by John Cena being fired at latest Survivors Series from Miami last night, we are still directing you to a fans Twitter reaction page which you can go to by clicking here. Also as promised you can find all of the Survivor Series results here.

It is no secret the intense rivalry that Randy Orton and John Cena have had in the past, with lots of world heavyweight title shots between the two of them they have been battling it out for years. All of that has now come to an end as the Dr of Thuganomics has made his departure.

Something that has been a bit of an eye opener is what Randy Orton, “The Viper” as he is also known updated his Twitter with last night after Survivors Series, and it was as follows “Thanks to u all for your support tonight. I’m proud of John for doing the right thing, he was in a tough spot. I’ll miss em in the lockeroom.”

Is this the end for John Cena? Are we ever going to see the 5 knuckle shuffle again? He has to make a return surely?

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  1. jackie binns says:

    WWE can not let that be the last we every see of john cena, who showed how to be a man

    • yeah you are right….john has been so good in entertaining his fans. he never failed to give us the action and entertainment that the other wrestlers can give….the point is, I'm hoping that the RAW GM realizes that WWE is John Cena and John Cena is WWE. in short, the fans love John Cena to return the ring. Cenation, the time is now to move…speak out and let Cena come back where he deserves.™

  2. vaibhav sarin says:

    he is the best he never gives up beware all the superstars he will come once again with a bang.

  3. viewer says:

    who ever is trying to promote nexus is a joke . I know you try new thing in business and taking risks is one of them how ever for the company to allow nexus and thinking they are the future of wwe is wrong without Cina wwe will lose revenue and fans. may be the chairman is the manager and setting issues with Cina.

  4. wisdom says:

    Cena's exit is pathetic

  5. Mr Lim Hock Choon says:

    Vince : Imagine you are willing to let John Cena leave WWE? I have observed you to be an astute businessman and you have the natural penchant for acquiring wealth and that is the reason why you are what you are today! I doubt that you would allow Cena to go. He is a crowd drawer and without him the lustre of WWE will eventually fade away. Please use your mighty power to over-rule the decision. I hope you will convince your Board to reinstate John Cena. It is sad to see him out of WWE scene. Cena is a dedicated wrestler and truly a man of great wrestling talent and principle which we all must respect.

  6. Mogan says:

    dudes, this just a ploy.. i bet John will be backbefore wrestlemania.. just a sales gimmick..

  7. pardon? says:

    Sorry? Do people believe this is real? Has the fact that WWE is sports entertainment passed everyone by?

  8. Ben Howey says:

    Guys he is not actully fired it is a kayfabe storyline btw I know alot of you allready knew that but some dont, also It would cost the company alot of money to realese his contract.

  9. kyle says:

    this is bullshit john cena in my view is the best wreastler eva he should not have been treated like that wade barret is a asshole too

  10. mahendra says:

    this was the my last match ,if no cena =no match

  11. Raebabe says:

    Randy keeps the belt but Cena gets fired…Then comes Monday Night and Randy loses the belt and Cena gives his fair well. WORST RAW EVER! I refuse to watch it anymore.

  12. nexus means,the team of big idiots like wade barrett.john cena is a man of his words & we salute him,but the wade barrett is not a kid of one person even he is son of many persons.many people raped wade barrett`s mother then he was born & i’m sure with my words because his all activities showing that all.

  13. I've not seen Monday Nights Raw but from what I've read it seems that we'll not see John Cena on WWE again, now I know it's Entertainment & not real but what I really want to know is, has John Cena left the company or is he taking a break, because having watched RAW for many years now, the stars don't normally give a farewell sspeach unless they are really leaving the show properly!!
    I also see that his profile has been removed from the Raw roster & put into the Almuni section instead, which say to me, he's no longer going to be on RAW!!
    If he has gone, I for one won't be watching the show again as I find the storylines involving Cena far better than the rest & thats what keeps me interested, so if this is the end of Cena in WWE, then I know for a fact, I won't be the only one not tuning into the show again!!! It was bad enough losing the Rock, Stone Cold, Goldberg, Triple H & HBK but now Cena too… the show is fast becoming a shame with all the best stars leaving!!! well so am I………… :(

  14. TBear says:

    Nexus being the "Next" thing? Hardly. NWO ring a bell? The "Ministry" ring a bell? The "Invasion of the WCW"? WWE needs to pull it's head out of it's fanny for recycling this trash. There should have been a better method or "storyline" that could have moved WWE to the next era.

    WWE needs the "Nexus" at this time. They need a bad guy(s) the fans can get behind. It drives sales, people get emotionally wrapped up…You see it on most blogs where the fans are threatening to boycott the WWE for allowing Wade to fire John? Nonsense. It's the same as the ones here saying "Cena Su**s". Actually he can wrestle quite well, but he's under instructions to follow the outcome 'script'—and to do what will give the fans the biggest "Thrill". (hence being used as a power player—and not a mat wrestler.)

    Back to topic. 9+ years and I'm sure Cena needs a break to deal with family and other projects he is committed to. He'll be back in time..(he makes to much $$ to just get "fired" LOL).

    As for Wade Barrett?. LOL!!! He's done exactly what his "Kayfabe" was meant to do. "Leader of a hated group…." People watch to see if they can pull it off-or get repelled by the "Good Guys". Long ago Bobby "The Brain" did an interview. He remarked while talking with a few fans at the time, one said "You're actually a very nice guy". He then understood people associated him with his character perhaps a bit to much. Wade Barrett is no different. Heck, it would not surprise me to learn he'll turn "babyface"….kick the crap out of his "Nexus" buddies…and then shock the WWE universe for a loop.

    Keep in mind people, this is all entertainment. It's designed to pull at your emotions.

    • jamie francis says:

      your absolutely wright without john cena he was the main person that was taking wwe the next step, but perhaps he is going to join jeff hardy and join tna that would be incredible and put the wwe down and out, miz being wwe champion is a disgrace!!!!!!!!

      • jamie francis says:

        is this approval please

        • jamie francis says:

          your absolutely wright about john cena without him, now wwe is going down the pan ,the miz being wwe champion is a joke now perhaps cena will jump ship and join tna which will be the dominant wrestling show in the world

  15. rashid,cyprus says:

    i will miss u john

  16. Daahir says:

    It will be a great tragedy for WWE fans, specially for the most dominating force (John Cena) but we will miss for all actions (U Can't see mee) (Never Give up)

  17. Pranto says:

    John Cena means the life of WWE. John Cena is our proud. John Cena will never lost. He is for ever in WWE. Pranto, Bangladesh.

  18. lips says:

    i hope this ia not the last time we c john cena has i still cant belive he has gone and we are left with the nexus,love u john x.

  19. Joseph says:

    ‘Damn!’ wats hapening,is it a dream or cena is gone for ever.the wwe company should return cena or simply be closed

  20. Naveen says:

    If cena = fired = my last wwe match

  21. Kiran Kumer J B says:

    I am sure that CENA will return soon to WWE.If not i will wish u good luck for him.

  22. come on cena u say never give up u have to come back to WWE

  23. Bobby says:



  25. rohan says:

    john cena will not go any anywhere….dont be in tension every one….nd i love john cena very much nd if he will go den i’ll miss him so much…..bco’z he is a great legend nd the second bast fighter first best is randy orton…and cena will not go anywhere u can see on youtube..just copy this site nd paste it n the adress den u can see m giving….. ok now open this site

  26. raj says:

    i think cenation iz over and nexus begains to be the face of wwe.

  27. rohitpandita says:

    plz cone back cena,iwill never see wwe without u dear.plz cone back

  28. #1 c-fan says:

    what ????? cena and fired ???
    the man is wt wwe is about if they really fire him they'll lose most of their viewers including me and my friends, i mean is it possible to fire the reason why raw is exciting ???
    the GM will prove him self to be the worst manager and business man ever

    i will miss john the only and true man of the ring and i'll surly miss his 5 knuckle shuffle, AA and all of his proud appearance

    best of luck man

  29. Mr Lim Hock Choon says:

    Jerry Lawler should have won the fight with the Miz not because of Mike Cole’s interference Jerry would win. I suggest that the annonymous GM of RAW should let Jerry fight with Mike Cole soon in a TLC fight. We are waiting to see the fight with keen interest. Jerry very nearly would have been crowned as the WWE through the courtesy of the Management opportunity to have a chance in a championship fight. He fought very fairly n squarely. Congratulations Jerry!

  30. kieron bowden says:

    john cena i remeber when i saw u at minehead on dx tour i hope u get my sighn i will miss u hustle loyaty respect never give up always cenation

  31. Riyas says:

    I want cena back

  32. Mr Lim Hock Choon sydney says:

    It is good to see that John Cena hopefully will be back to the fold again. WWE will

    be in big demand again otherwise their viewers may switch to TNA. Wade B if he thinks he is good then go out there n fight one on one with WWE superstars then he’ll know where he stands not resort to larikin tactics. It is a pity with Nexus approach to wrestling it has brought nothing but poor quality wrestling standard. WWE used to be high quality skilful wrestling matches; recently it has been soured by some poor taste. What a pity!

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