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World Wide Web Inventor: “Facebook Limiting the Web”


British engineer and computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee – the inventor of the World Wide Web – has provided a piece for the Scientific American journal recently, in which he claims that social networking websites such as Facebook and Friendster are limiting the openness of the internet.

In an impassioned call for openness on the internet, Berners-Lee said that the web has evolved into a powerful tool because it was built on the principle of equality, and people, businesses and universities worldwide have worked on expanding the web’s capabilities based on those exact principles.

According to Adam Hartley over at (sourced from The Telegraph and Scientific American), Berners-Lee continued on to say that the open nature of the World Wide Web is now under threat by sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Friendster.

Sites such as these assembles people’s data - including email addresses, birthdays and likes – into databases, and reuse the information to deliver value-added services – within their own sites only. Once your data has been entered into one of those services, it can’t be used easily within another site, Berners-Lee said.

You can read more about this story via Do you think that social networking sites are limiting the web’s potential openness?

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