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Windows Phone 7 Photography Apps: 10 Of The Best

November 22, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Windows Phone 7 Photography Apps: 10 Of The Best

As we step into a new era with the introduction of Windows Phone 7, it was obvious that the Windows Marketplace would be on the back foot when it came up against established players such as iTunes App Store and the Android Market. However this rock will start rolling and with app developers pushing out their software, it shouldn’t be long before Windows has built itself up.

Photography apps has a grand following, and with the excitement of a new platform to express them on, Pocket-Lint has listed 10 of the best available.

First up in a section of our favourites is the 99p Colorize, which is designed to work on your snaps colour presentation, no surprise there. Once you have taken your snap, Colorize will then draw out all the coloured detailing and leave you with the basic black and white appearance. The clever part comes when you brush over parts of your picture, which then display the full colour, aiding to some very stylish and interesting pictures. To make it easier the software will recognise where the outlines are so as not to allow you to colour over the edges.

Another app that we quite liked was PhotoCube 3D which by its name is pretty self-explanatory. Although the Windows Phone 7 comes with a decent enough image viewer installed, PhotoCube 3D adds a little bit extra. This app will sort out your shots and place them on a 3D rendered cube. You are then able to twist and turn your new cube to see your snaps. Not the most useful app but definitely a bit of fun, and only 79p.

We have only touched on a couple of the new Windows Phone 7 Photography Apps here but if you head over to Pocket-Lint you will be able to get the full breakdown. Let us know if you take a lot of pictures from you mobile phone, and if so let us know which one you would find the most useful.

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