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Social Media Resources: Roundup and Walkthrough

November 22, 2021 | Tim Ollason


Social Media Resources: Roundup and Walkthrough

With social media ever increasing it is no surprise that there has been 36 more new resources that you might not have noticed that came from the 2.0 web summit, the major one being Facebook and their new social messaging system which looks to take email and messaging to the next level. Although Mark Zuckerberg has said that this is not aimed at being an email killer, it is aimed at being something different.

From looking at Mashable’s website we have seen that they have recorded around 8 of their own posts under the social media category and of these there are some that you will find useful, especially if you didn’t understand the planned Facebook update. You can actually view a step by step guide on the update to Facebook by clicking here. Nice one Mashable.

They also have some interesting business related articles with the likes of how to land a business development job and 5 ways to signs that co-working might be for you. Head over to Zachary Sniderman’s article which has links to all of the above mentioned titles. Really is worth a read guys.

Are you surprised that social media is growing that such a high rate? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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