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Samsung Galaxy Tab Camera Not Like Leica M9

November 22, 2021 | Debbie Turner
Samsung Galaxy Tab Camera Not Like Leica M9

Have you ever thought of comparing the camera on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the recent tablet device that’s becoming a big success, to the Leica M9. Maybe not, but the Russian President Dimitry Medvedev has and he didn’t have particularly favourable things to say about the camera on the Galaxy Tab.

According to Thomas Ricker over on Engadget, Medvedev recently obtained a Samsung Galaxy Tab whilst on a trip to Korea but made a tweet from his certified Twitter account after using the camera on it saying, “Winter comes to Moscow. Picture taken with a Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s convenient, but the quality isn’t great.”

It seems he must be comparing the quality to pictures taken with his faithful Leica M9 in a trip made to Japan that were posted a few days before. The camera on the Galaxy Tab, according to Samsung, is a 3.0MP AF Camera with LED flash and 1.3MP (VT) but it doesn’t seem fair to compare it with the Leica M9 and which is obviously a specialized piece of kit.

For more on this go to Have you got your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Tab yet and if so what are your impressions of the camera? We’d be interested to know so why not send us your comments.

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