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Microsoft Windows: The Past 25 Years

November 22, 2021 | Tim Ollason

November 20th a day that marked 25 years of Microsoft Windows so let’s have a look at what they have achieved. Windows was launched back in 1985 and took quite a while to really get up and running, it didn’t really take off until around 1990 when Windows 3.0 surfaced. It is from this point on that they have really built their success and in fact, continue to do so.

The latest version Windows 7 hasn’t been as popular as some of their previous operating systems but I don’t think this is entirely Microsoft’s fault. While there are some fundamental issues with Windows 7, the introduction of other operating systems such as that of the Apple MAC have meant that there is a much greater competition in the market.

Greater competition coupled with a new focus or mobile based operating systems for your tablet PC and smartphones has seen the demise of what was once a great brand, I am not saying that it isn’t still good but let’s just say it seems to have reached its peek on the hill top and is slowly coming down the other side.

Michael J.Miller has written a pretty informative article on different Microsoft operating systems including another one that he wrote 5 years ago. So head on over to to have a read. Do you think Microsoft’s OS is going downhill? Let us know in the comments below.

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