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LinkedIn, Overlooked, With Limited Appeal In Marketing

LinkedIn, Overlooked, With Limited Appeal In Marketing

LinkedIn, has become the social networking site primarily used by professional business men and women. Although other sites such as Facebook and Twitter are increasing in user numbers, and offer their service as a way of communicating between friends and acquaintances and using brand marketing as a way of advertising, LinkedIn offers other benefits.

Unfortunately a lot of the time the service is overshadowed by competition from other sites and if marketing is needed, other sources are looked into first and foremost. LinkedIn has a huge amount of potential and so much to give to businesses and individuals alike. Today’s news from Neil Davey over at has reported this may be about to change with some new added features.

In the hope that people’s marketing habits may change, businesses in particular with the aid of a “Company Page,” customers highlighting their feedback including recommendations, and brands being advertised virally on the site will all go a long way into improving user numbers. It is hoped by giving out information on products, video content and a general overall feeling of what a business is trying to achieve will be enough to entice customers therefore upping sales figures.

In a recent statement from CEO for LinkedIn “Jeff Weiner”, said that the offering enables professionals to benefit from the considered perspectives of people that they knew and trusted. Moreover, by displaying their strongest recommendations to prospective customers and employees on LinkedIn, businesses can use Company Pages to accelerate growth and trust in their brands.”

Do you currently use LinkedIn as a way to engage with business colleagues or potential customers? What changes do you feel they could bring to the site to make it better? To find out more head on over to

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