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Google To Gain from HTML5, not just Apple

November 22, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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Google To Gain from HTML5, not just Apple

Google has gone for a more unusual type of advertising, this time they have put an ad in the LA Times. So the LA Times Google ad, what did it actually say? Well Google are offering a simple guide to browsers and the web, then at the bottom of the advert have added “Google chrome”.

In particular the ad covers and when you go to this site, it is in face an online book. This is a really nice looking ad and makes it feel like you are actually reading a book. When you click on the arrows on either side of the screen the pages turn. Very nice.

It looks like its not only Apple that are going to gain from HTML5 but also Google and anyone else that wants to. HTML5 will be used to create new web apps and will help the web community to think of new innovative ideas. If you want to read more about this then head over to 20 Things I Learned by clicking here, and also to Sebastian Anthony’s article over at

Google has tried Newspaper ads before, in December last year they advertised Google Chrome in a UK paper. It just goes to show how serious Google are about the browsers that are being used and their push for Chrome. Although, I have to say in my experience from working on corporate built laptops, Google Chrome always caused issues with scripts running along with slowing down the laptops.

How do you think HTML5 will affect the web? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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