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Google, Facebook Rivalry to Intensify: Social Media Growth

Google, Facebook Rivalry to Intensify: Social Media Growth

The big battle between fierce rivals Google and Facebook is set to heat up as the search engine’s CFO Patrick Pichette, said that they are planning to target social media as part of its growth strategy.

We know that Google has plans to go down the social networking route with their rumoured Google Me in construction. Google are famously known for being a search engine but have expanded and diversified their product offering with their massively popular OS Android and recently with their fashion e-commerce site.

Unfortunately Facebook are proving a pest with their new messaging service which provides more direct competition to Google, according to reports from Total Tele. There is a feud between the two rivals as they refuse to share user information with each other and are repeatedly attempting to get in to each others businesses. However Google are more focused on their social media growth, rather than a petty fight.

Pichette has maintained that both internet giants are not at war and that Google plans to grow with its Android software and use a social strategy for growth. “Google is not locked in a head-on battle with Facebook, and social media is only one of a range of opportunities for the company, from its search engine to its Android software for mobile devices. Android is a fantastic opportunity for us.”

You can see more of the interview with the Google CFO Patrick Pichette by heading over to Total Tele. What do you think of the rivalry between the two companies? Are they looking to grow or simply destroy each other? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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