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Facebook Causes A Stir In Church: Delete Or Resign

November 22, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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Facebook Causes A Stir In Church: Delete Or Resign

Now most of you guys have probably read the news surrounding the Pastor Cedric Miller who tried to encourage his congregation to quit Facebook, this is due to his belief that he has seen many marriages harmed by the social networking giant.

Perhaps he has a point, some people who cannot control themselves on a site like Facebook may get into a spot of bother and of course it will affect their relationships, but its not just marriages, it’s all relationships. What I find disturbing though is this idiot firstly trying to control people, and secondly being one of the biggest hypocrites that I have ever witnessed.

The Pastor and his wife have both been having flings with a guy that is a member of the church, all be it “years ago” it still happened. Let me tell you this Mr.Miller, you cannot change the past, no matter how much you want to. It is just wrong. To read more about this head on over to abcAction news.

So onto the big question, should this guy resign from anything to do with church, or should his congregation quit Facebooking? I know what I think, but let me know your thoughts in he comments below.

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