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Chit Chat Instant Messenger Application for Facebook

November 22, 2021 | Jonathan Cordes

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Chit Chat Instant Messenger Application for Facebook

If you are a user of Facebook, chances are you’ve used Facebook chat. For those who haven’t used the feature, it enables real time chat between users who are logged into Facebook. However, in order to use Facebook chat, you have to be logged into Facebook and keep a browser window open at all times.

ChitChat is a free application which turns Facebook Chat into a desktop instant messaging client. This allows you to continue with whatever you are working on in the browser, whilst having the full functionality of Facebook Chat in a separate window. The software is quick and easy to install, and within minutes you are ready to get chatting with friends.

The user interface is clean and simple. Users are notified when their friends become online or offline and chatting with friends is simple and easy. Extra features include the ability to post statuses from the application, and a button which posts information about the current music track to your Facebook wall.

Overall the application is very reminiscent of applications such as MSN Messenger with a clean interface and useful functionality. Best of all you don’t need to look for your friends, as they are already there on Facebook! Check out their Facebook Client here at their website.

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