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Amazon Start 2010 Black Friday In UK: Twitter Complaints

November 22, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Amazon Start 2010 Black Friday In UK: Twitter Complaints

Only a few days ago we told readers in the U.K. that they would also benefit from Black Friday deals this year, courtesy of Amazon. Black Friday is traditionally the beginning of the holiday shopping season in the U.S. and occurs this year on November 26 and we reported that Amazon was extending its offers to customers in the U.K. beginning today, Monday 22.

However Amazon’s Black Friday promotion in the U.K. seems to have hit a bit of a stumble as customers have been infuriated at discounted goods selling out in seconds and have been taking to Twitter to vent their complaints. Jill Insley of The Guardian reports that on Twitter and on the Amazon website customers have been complaining that not only are goods already sold out, but when they do try to complete their purchases the site is freezing.

New albums from both Take That and Susan Boyle were in the sale for just £1 but sold out quickly. Amazon U.K.’s managing director, Brian McBride, said, “The demand for the albums was incredible. Customers were online and ready for the start of ‘Black Friday Deals Week’, snapping up the thousands of albums that were available at just £1 in a matter of seconds. The good news is that there are more than 300 deals still to come.” Different ‘lightning deals’ will be continued to be offered over a 5-day sales period.

Although Amazon insists its offers are the real deal saying large numbers of products have been available, that hasn’t stopped customers feeling annoyed with one saying, “Black Friday Deals? Someone call the cops”, and another saying, “There are three of everything guys.” For more on this go to Did you try to buy anything in the Amazon Black Friday sale today? Did you get what you want or are you too one of many frustrated customers? Why not send us your comments to let us know.

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  1. Sarah from Kent says:

    I tried this morning for Take That and Susan Boyle albums. As soon as the button appeared for Take That I clicked it and without a seconds pause it went straight to sold out. Then I clicked for the Susan Boyle album which apparently I got but nothing went in my basket. I went to try again and it said I had 'Claimed' but still nothing in my basket. I went to the normal Susan Boyle album and tried adding it in case it was just a discount applied on checkout perhaps but went right through checkout and still full price. What a joke!

  2. Paul Thomas says:

    I tried to order a shaver at precisely 6pm when it went on sale at £31.99. At the time there were 0% purchases.In microseconds of clicking checkout there was 0 stock. I checked a little later and the item was in stock but at the higher priice !

  3. twa says:

    I have been having major issues with this so called event. I have countdown clocks that have been ticking along just fine, freezing 2 seconds the start of the so called deal. Of course by the time I have refreshed the screen the deal is sold out. Not sure if this is a real discount or if they are just promoting the company. All I know is that it is really annoying!!

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