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MySpace On New Facebook Connect Mashup

November 19, 2021 | Tim Ollason


MySpace On New Facebook Connect Mashup

Well previously we brought you some news saying that MySpace would be adding the connect button across their website. Well, MySpace has officially given up… now you can login to MySpace using a Facebook login… Not only that, but you can also synchronize your status updates between both sites.

MySpace will also be adding Facebook’s ‘Like’ button across the whole of MySpace. The MySpace has changed a lot since it first began, when they started out, they were more aimed at musician discovery and actual social networking instead of going under their current umbrella of ‘Social Entertainment Hub’. I have to say… I don’t like it.

Now that Facebook has completely taken over the online social networking market can anybody edge in? To be honest, I cant see it, certainly not in 2011 especially seeing as their site’s traffic in the US alone has increased by a whopping 55%. To read more on this, head over to

If anyone does try and break in, good luck to them but I think Facebook will steamroll them or just swallow them up as they have with MySpace. What do you think of this mashup?

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  1. Leo says:

    Well, Google started out as the underdog, loved by techies the world over, and now widely despised for all of their recent wifi snooping, and then their social networking blunders like Buzz.

    Now along comes Facebook, and within a few short years, now has the Google Goliath publicly worried.

    Facebook will have its day, and another unlooked for outsider will eclipse it also.

    Nothing is permanent on the internet.

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