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COD Black Ops Patch: Twitter Updates - PS3 / Xbox 360 Problems

November 19, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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COD Black Ops Patch: Twitter Updates – PS3 / Xbox 360 Problems

Black Ops has been out for a little while now and we are still getting reports of connection problems, issues joining parties and friends games. When will this end? According to a patch has been released on the Nintendo Wii that has sorted the majority of the problems. For the first time in a long time, a game is running better on the Wii than it does on the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

So what can Treyarch do to fix this… what ever they are going to do, it will need to happen quickly as if you guys are like me, you will be quickly losing faith in the latest edition of COD and going back to Modern Warfare 2.

The idea of the latest patch v1.03 was that it was going to iron out the issues being faced when connecting to a game. Recently there was an updated posted on the official Call of Duty website where PS3 gamers were given a heads up on a forum of exactly what was being fixed which you can view here. Have you downloaded the patch but the problems persist?

You can see all of the updates that are being posted on Twitter by clicking here, from what I can see… there is still a gremlin in the system and Treyarch will need to go back to the drawing board.

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  1. Jim says:

    Downloaded the patch last night, besides from the usual lag, getting kicked ,host connection issues, partying up with friends lasting 1 match, and not being able to join a friends match it was running perfectly. ;)

  2. mark 1984 says:

    love that, have all the same problems still as well. such a shame, as and when they get it fixed for me this game will be better than mw2. as long as the campers, tubers and quick scopers dont manage to reappear. Oh and playing last night all the problems the patch was meant to fix seemed to make mine worse??

  3. Jordan Dyckes says:

    This game is broke on PS3, I've shoved it too the back of my shelves and gone back to Modern Warfare 2; the patch 1.03 has done nothing; I cannot believe they didn't notice these bugs when testing it, THE SETTINGS IN THE OPTIONS DON'T EVEN SAVE CORRECTLY !!! I set 3D off, and when I start the game later on, IT STARTS IN 3D and in the options guess what "3D Mode is on".

    Hate Hate Hate, this game so far…

  4. Harvey says:

    thank god there was an update, i noticed that day by day people stopped playing and the numbers have gone up. all of the problems e.g. party, joining, changing to a different game mode, end of match report, all of have been fixed but suddenly lag issues have started and that is a frustrating problem when it comes to neutralising enemies. the next update should fix lag issues and it should pick a new host straight away rather than halfway through the damn match!

  5. Will says:

    I am still having the same issues and tire of it, if it still not fixed by nov 24, ill see myself playing the new gran turismo 5.

  6. thekid says:

    Thats why you buy an xbox. I switched to ps3 because xbox is a better GAMING console. My friends tell me the patch did nothing for the ps3 and it has been horrible since release date. The xbox had connectivity issues in other words the parties disbanded all the time however the last patch fixed it perfect ! If you have problems with the xbox and the patch your either lying about it or one of the few that needs a secondary patch everyone I know is satisfied.

    • Rupert says:

      sadly dude i am one of those poor souls, on a 360 in need of a second patch. I had no problems before the ptach and now get constant 'connection interrupted' message and all online play is impossible due to apocalyptic lag. and i know my connection is very good.

  7. Mason Birgenheier says:

    do you any of you guys think that they will ever fix the lag and the "transmission errors'? do you think they will get another update going?

  8. Anon says:

    Yep same here, i did manage to get a half decent game on PC before this latest patch arrived, now it's much worse. Treyarch wtf are you playin at ? Oh well, guess i'll go back to MoH for a while longer !! Treyarch take note, learn from the DICE guys, they KNOW how to make a great multiplayer game !

  9. Mckay says:

    Still stutters. Everyone waited with much anticipation for this game only to be let down big time. Treyarch just get it sorted or find competent programmers !

  10. cool-jonny says:

    In my opinion the patch has made it so much worse' 50% of all games seem to loose connection and lag is unbeleivable. people just seem suddenly to be far ahead 'in time' to me its ridiculous

  11. Billy Scruber says:

    My game corrupted

  12. william says:

    I can't even join in a party! Can't play with any of my friends, can't join a sessoin in progress. When i try and join a party in tells me session is no longer available but my friends are just waiting on me.

  13. Chris says:

    Unless a patch comes out by this thanksgiving that fixes everything this patch claimed to fix but never did I’m leaving this game. This game is the most incomplete game I have ever played that doesn’t even work. First of all when a lobby is gull it freezes at balancing teams. It kicks me out of erh game saying lost connection to host and I get red bar connections almost every time

  14. beavis717 says:

    Yes they will fix it because they know they will lose a lot of money if they dont. Im already back playing mw2 because of lag issues in bo, but there is a lot more hacking in mw2 so either way we lose!!

  15. beavis717 says:

    Yes they will fix it because they know they will lose a lot of money if they dont. Im already back playing mw2 because of lag issues in bo, but there is a lot more hacking in mw2 so either way we lose!!

  16. Will Carr says:

    I am now on my second game on a PS3 and whenou reach the point where you are helping Woods push open the door in Viet =Nam my entire screen goes black. can still here the other team members and even fire my weapon but the screen is totally black. Anyone out there have any suggestions for a fix?

  17. JOHNNY-2BAD says:

    I’m still having problems, I downloaded the patch the other day and it’s still the same.

    When I’m firing at people it’s like having rubber bullets and they just bounce off them despite having full signal and a wired connection, yet others seem to be able to shoot and kill straight away.

    I’m always getting thrown out the game and put into combat lobby.

    I’ve changed to various gaming modems, opened new ports and using dmz but nothing seems to make a difference.

    Treyarch/ Activision need to get this sorted I’m a massive cod fan but this is driving me mad!

  18. A Stevenson says:

    Contact the newspapers give them the publicity i did

  19. JOHNNY-2BAD says:

    What a load of crap connection is bad I’m mean really bad !! Come on what are you doing about it. time u did something! What a joke that’s all I can say!!!!!!

  20. Jason says:

    I am just about done with this game until this is fixed. I can’ t understand how this large of a problem hasn’t been fixed yet? I know the developers are aware of the amount of complaints.

  21. jason says:

    dumb **** heads , sort it out , you make anough money from these games , pissed right off cant play any game online.

  22. Lindley1980 says:

    This game is shocking, love call of duty but if they don’t fix this shit it’s getting traded in for killzone 3!!

  23. Hendo says:

    I’m fed up with this game. If it wasn’t a present from my mrs, I’d have smashed it up by now in frustration! The patch has made no difference and I can never join friends which is the main attraction for this game. Best it’s sorted soon otherwise it’s back to COD 2 MW for me.

    • beavis717 says:

      well your router may be to blame for some of your connection issues. depending on what type you are using and what settings/ channel you have it set to may be conflicting with either a) your firewall, or orther router settings I use a netgear rangemax wn3700 took care of all my issues., costs a few but well worth the cash if you have it. Good luck.

  24. jason says:

    im completely fed up with black ops . we all waited so long for it and were told it was improving from mw2 but its worse i even bought a 3d tv and i cant even finish a game without connection interupted pokin its nose up. for the the money they make out of sales you would think they could sort out the servwers. its a joke im goin back to mw2

    • beavis717 says:

      The servers are a lot to blame as well they went to such extreams to stop the hacking and cheating that it slowed connection transmissions and with the sheer volume of people online it just floods the servers with way too much.

  25. JOHNNY-2BAD says:

    A patch is on it’s way about time lol

    • wayne says:

      seing as i have both xbox and ps3 and have game on both i find these remarks about xbox working fine a complete lie and as for xbox being better than ps3 keep dreaming buddy if this game was built by infinity ward rather than treyarch then maybe it would be patched by now oh and maye for the 60 percent of cod players that liked quickscoping wed still have that

  26. Kingcalito says:

    Ermm! Dont know what everyones complaining about,im on the 360 and id say i see a lagged game maybe 2 in 20 games only problem i see is spawning and matchmaking and oh freaking campers, i hate campers

  27. JOHNNY-2BAD says:

    Who ever is having good connection must be

    One of the lucky ones that’s all I can say come on sort it out!!

  28. JOHNNY-2BAD says:

    Hi guys just to say connection is lot better but

    Still get stuck when loading lobby then need to

    Turn off ps3 to get back in what a pain! But got to say

    The game really good bring on mw3 I say o yeah

  29. JOHNNY-2BAD says:

    Just to say game is still the samewhat a load

    Of shit I give up load of pants laggy as ever

    Call of lagg ops that’s the new name mw3 please hurry they are

    The best

  30. phil says:

    SHAME ON YOU Activision…., 70$ for a game that cannot play properly online.
    Next time waist less time on the Black Ops jeep and more on developing the game.

    I go back to battlefield a least it is stable online. And for the next one, hire people from EAgames.

  31. ANDY PREST says:

    medal of honour anyday this game is shit can,t do a full game without it freezing or ending game

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