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Facebook Privacy Tips For Families

November 18, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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Facebook Privacy Tips For Families

For any of you who worry what your kids or younger brothers and sisters get up to on Facebook you need to stay here and carry on reading this as it could help. Over at The Globe And Mail Amber Macarthur tells the story of how she was talking at the dinner table about Facebook and one woman that was present let on that her teenage kids were already on the social networking site.

When the woman joined Facebook herself her kids actually rejected her friend requests… you can imagine how she felt, confused, worried, hurt and overall, concerned. You can understand this sort of worrying especially in this day and age with Pedophiles, pests and general nasty pieces of work peppered across the web.

Amber has come up with some interesting things on ‘What parents need to tell their kids about Facebook’ and also ‘What kids need to tell their parents about Facebook’. Social media has changed the way that parents have to act and with some parents not being quite so ‘up-to-date’ with technology and the way the world has moved forward will need to educate themselves and try and keep up to speed.

The points that Amber raises are good and I feel ones that everyone, not just kids should follow to stay out of harms way, some of them are as follows. Don’t upload racy photos or sexy profile pictures as there are a lot of people that can search for your profile including your employers! Do not post your contact information such as an address or phone number on Facebook or anywhere else online for that matter.

Now onto what the kids should tell their parents about not just Facebook but all social networking sites, one that made me chuckle was, ‘You don’t really understand how Facebook works, so please learn more before you assume I’m using it wrong’.

It’s a really good read so head across to Amber’s article to read the other don’t for parents and children.

Have your kids got a Facebook account? I know I can really relate to this as I have younger sisters who are constantly on Facebook. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. adamjohnson says:

    A safe social network shouldn't really need tips or guides for users to maintain their privacy. Privacy should be an integral part of any social network and I am convinced that Facebook cannot offer that to its users. What started out as an ad-free social network has now become a business not concerned with social networking itself. I am just waiting for safer platforms like the Fridge or MyCube to launch so that I can be my privacy can be protected on the web even while I use social networks.

  2. Vince says:

    Facebook can become as invasive as it wants, but people won't leave for another social network platform. It won't happen. No one is forcing anyone to be on Facebook- it's free, and the ads are what keep it free. I'm not saying they don't have privacy issues, because they have massive ones. But I just am curious what the threshold is for users with their privacy. I found another blog on this as well if you want to check it out. Thanks for the post and info!

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