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China’s growing ability to manipulate Internet traffic

November 18, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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So how is China being able to manipulate Internet traffic, apparently back on April 8th there was a re-routing through a Chinese telecoms company that is state owned. The re-routing lasted for around 18 minutes. During this small time frame, the hijacking affected US military and government networks for various departments of their armed forces.

They weren’t the only ones affected, Dell, Microsoft and Yahoo’s commercial sites also got hit. Something that nobody is clear on is what the hijackers did with this data, but no doubt there could be implications the only thing is nobody knows what they are!

Another incident occurred when Chinese authorities tried to block users that reside in China from accessing specific sites like, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. So how did this get noticed? The users from the US and Chile were also being redirected as if they were in China to the incorrect servers.

To read on about this interesting article head over to computer where Jaikumar Vijayan has written in depth.

What do you think may have been done with the data? Let us know if you experienced these anomalies in the comments below.

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