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X Factor’s Wagner Hits out at Matt Cardle On Twitter

November 17, 2021 | Tina Chubb

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X Factor’s Wagner Hits out at Matt Cardle On Twitter

Popular micro-blogging website Twitter is quite often used by people (including celebrities) as a way to take pot shots at each other, and that is exactly what it appears to have been used for recently by “X Factor” contestant Wagner Fiuza-Carillho.

As recently reported by Amy Duncan over at, 54-year old Wagner – who has managed to be put through every week despite the fact that he can’t sing - took to his Twitter account recently, to hit back at fellow contestant Matt Cardle.

Matt hasn’t really hidden his opinion on the public’s decision to put Wagner through each week, and has even admitted that he would be gutted if he was to be sent home before the Brazilian. He even went as far as calling Wagner a joke in so many words.

Today Wagner wrote: “There is no need for one contestant to belittle another.” He then went on to say that he hopes they can all have successful careers once the show is over. However, Wagner did admit that he never thought he would get as far as he has.

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  1. Catherine says:

    so sorry but "Wagner" is a joke … how the hell he has stayed so far is beyond anything I can figure out .. he can't sing, he can't dance and if the press is to be believed he is not a nice person, upsetting backstage staff and fellow contestants ……. who the hell is voting for him? un less of course the whole thing is a fix!!

  2. welsh_bobo says:

    wagner should NEVER of been choosen to be on the main show in the first place!! it's even more of a joke than Jedward are!!! and now we have to be subjected on our tv's to those 2 twerps constantly! is this what we pay huge tv licensing fees for?!

  3. Brig says:

    Wagner is a joke yes - but what about the bigger joke that picked him - Jedward was also picked by the same person - Louis Walsh - shows his talent these days doesnt it??????

  4. Nilly says:

    I like wagner…he was my secondary school teacher….really nice man!

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