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LinkedIn: 5 Tips To Raise Your Profile

November 17, 2021 | Matt Tran

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LinkedIn: 5 Tips To Raise Your Profile

The business orientated social network LinkedIn is growing in users and we thought we would share some tips with you to help improve your profile, courtesy of Laura Smith over at CIO.

The first tip is to see yourself as others see you, which means giving off the best possible impression. Make sure your profile has plenty of accurate and concise information with photos as they can be essential to building a strong profile. Make your profile public so that you are able to be found by anyone who searches for you; however do not lie on your profile as it is likely your boss and colleagues will pay you a visit.

Tip number two is to be generous with your contacts, so that you can maximise the appeal of your profile. Whether you add contacts you know personally or ones you dont, be sure to make recommendations as it is a good way to show your values. If you write a good recommendation for a work mate it is likely they will return the favour; also again make sure your profile is public so that your contacts can connect with each other.

The third tip is to make use of alerts; for example if you are looking for a new job and have defined the prospective role, geographical area and sector and saved the search, you will be alerted by LinkedIn when someone matching that criteria joins the site.

Join groups with LinkedIn is the fourth tip as groups can raise your visibility by putting you in touch with a wider network of people in your sector. It is also a good way to get hold of people who are not in your connections list, since you can send direct messages to anyone in the same group.

And finally the fifth and final tip is to use your connections to bring in business. In the current economic situation, all businesses are looking to justify their budgets and improve their professional reputation. New sales leads can be found on sites like LinkedIn and what a great way to start than with a new company through a contact of one of your colleagues.

That is your five LinkedIn tips; let us know if they help you by leaving us a comment.

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