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Twitter Allegations Over Haye vs Harrison Fix

Twitter Allegations Over Haye vs Harrison Fix

One of the biggest boxing fights took place over the weekend seeing David Haye and Audley Harrison battling it out to become overall winner. During a series of rounds and at times some nasty punches, Haye was crowned WBA Heavyweight Champion. After the weekend, social media site Twitter has been inundated with comments on the fight being “Fixed,” after Haye said he had “A lot riding on round three.”

During a live interview with the fighter himself, Haye reportedly said that as well as a share in TV revenue, he had put a bet down that he would win the fight in the third round, a statement that has been played down on BBC Radio 5 Live. According to Metro, Haye hit back saying, “I didn’t physically go into a betting shop and say, here’s X amount of money.” Twitter fans have aired their own views by tweeting, “It looked like a fix to me!” whilst another said Haye “Practically admitted a scam.”

One fan from the crowd has his own views by saying, “Possibly the most blatant match fix ever. It’s not about the £15 I paid to get in, it’s about not getting a fight.” Despite the fight being watched over again, the British Boxing Board of Control has said that rules and regulations were adhered to.

Did you watch the fight on Saturday, and if so, what are your conclusions? Let us know. To find out more log onto Metro.

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  1. Paddy says:

    The fight was a total sham, however I dont believe there was any kind of a fix envolved, Audley just froze, simple as that, he was terrified, made no attempt to fight back when David opened up on him. He was relieved when the ref stepped in despite his post fight comments.Almost any other british heavyweight would have gone down fighting. I think David Haye has a great chance of becoming undisputed champion next year and I personally wish him all the best. All I can offer Audley is my sympathy and my best wishes should he continue with his career.

  2. Craig says:

    The fight was obviouly fixed, nether fighter throw a punch for the first two rounds. I may as well have been watching Stricley come dancing. Then in the thrid round Haye just beats up Harrison and they call an end to the fight before its even begun. If Harrison really had such a big grudge on Haye then he would have come out all guns firing and tried to actually win the fight, instead he choice to lose humiliating himself making his professional carrer look like a joke.

  3. ashik says:

    this boxing fight was a match fixing fight

    watch this video clip below, watch david haye @ 15 seconds, David haye says this word "NOW", telling harrison to go down now.

    ban both fights forever

  4. Skrimbo says:

    Those saying it was a fix clearly have zero understanding of boxing and have never watched Harrison fight either (which would figure since this is probably the first fight they have watched). Harrison always starts slowly and Haye rightly was waiting to see if he had changed strategy he clearly hadn't. As for the "now" word Haye appears to utter, boxers sledge each other in the ring and always have done Muhammed Ali was the master of it. Those who think this was fixed are just looking for a conspiracy theory. Have bookmakers reported any unusual betting patterns? No! Have any bookmakers reported huge losses on a 3rd round ko? No! was David Haye 1 to 8 on? yes!!! Funny fight to fix when you are odds on favourite and even a 3rd round stoppage was 8-1 so to make it worth your while you would have had to put on huge sums of money which bookmakers would see! Go back to your man on the moon, 9/11, Kennedy conspiracy theories and maybe leave boxing alone until you know what you are talking about!

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