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Facebook’s New Email System: Next-Gen Mail

November 16, 2021 | Tim Ollason
Facebook’s New Email System: Next-Gen Mail

A lot of interest has been around the Facebook messaging system recently and one of the points is that there will be an email address that looks a little like this Facebook have perhaps gone a step further by revolutionizing email and messaging, but have they?

We previously reported this by asking a question… Facebook Monday Event: Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail Killer? So now we are wondering what the effect will be on these other social media giants, sink or swim?

Mark Zuckerberg said ‘This is not an email killer’ at a San Francisco press conference, he also goes on to say ‘It is a messaging system that includes e-mail. We don’t expect anyone to totally switch from Yahoo or Gmail to Facebook.’ but does he really mean it? I suspect that he is capitalizing on the recent battle between Google and Facebook by attempting to cut them out.

So now we are wondering if you will use the new Facebook email system? Once its all in place there are few things that it does that has changed the way that emailing and messaging is done. Normally you would have a field for entering the email address, a field for the subject and then a larger field to write your message in, this has changed.

We have found an interesting video where this is being talked about and telling you all the facts about the new Facebook messaging system. So will you use this new Facebook functionality?

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