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Black Ops Sales: COD Black Friday 2010 Deals?

Black Ops Sales: COD Black Friday 2010 Deals?

Previously we have brought you the Ad Scans for various different stores such as Toys ‘R’ Us, Tommy Hilfiger, Lowe’s, Macy’s, Best Buy and an interactive ad from Walmart, but there is something that is surprising me. Why not with the biggest selling game ever use that to get people into the store?

Can you imagine that on an Ad Scan? COD Black Ops sale, come and get it! With Black Ops being so popular surely it would have people flocking into the store. If it was available would you incorporate a store in and pick up your copy already, or were you pitched outside the shops on the release day?

So far I have only seen a couple of deals for Modern Warfare 2 but isn’t that game out of date now? Also the only copies I have seen are on the PC, surely they would market this on the major consoles such as the Xbox and PS3.

If Black Ops was included would you get it on Black Friday? If you were doing the ads, would you include it?

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