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Twitter: X-Factor “Aidens” Departure Comment Causes Fresh Outrage

Twitter: X-Factor “Aidens” Departure Comment Causes Fresh Outrage

X-Factor, Britain’s most popular singing competition is now facing yet more criticism. Following on from last nights show, contestant Aiden Grimshaw who was voted out, left with a parting comment to host Dermot O’ Leary that has now sparked new outrage.

In a bid to try and secure his place on the show, Grimshaw was put in the “sing off” against contestant Katie Waissel. They both sang their hearts out in order to impress the judging panel. With the judges votes 2 a piece, it then went to deadlock where the overall votes were looked at and a decision made on this. RTE reported, on Grimshaw finding out he was going he left saying, “You win some you lose some. My friend texted me earlier and said there was a leak on Twitter that I was third from the bottom.” The host hit back by saying that the claims were “uncorroborated.” It seems that following on from last week’s speculation that the show is fixed, these new comments have questioned the voting system and if results are already available before they are announced.

An X-Factor spokesman has said, “People make lots of unfounded predictions on the internet about the order of the contestants based on various popularity polls. We do not believe there is a leak.” Other contestants from the show including One Direction have expressed anger by tweeting their own messages along with Grimshaw’s manager Danni Minogue who said, “My utmost respect to Aiden. I have loved working with him on X Factor. TeamMinogue will miss him I and wish him the VERY BEST! Dx.”

Are you a fan of X-Factor? Is the voting system fair or should it be changed? Let us know. To find out more log onto RTE.

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  1. joan booth says:

    I never thought id say simon cowell was pathetic but now hes just madame cheryl coles little poodle. And shes turned into a self concieted bitch. No more x factor for me

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