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PS3 Jailbreak: v3.42 and 3.5 Now Supported

November 15, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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PS3 Jailbreak: v3.42 and 3.5 Now Supported

As we all know, the 3.50 version of the PS3 was the only one that was deemed as a ‘project’ all of the other updates have been done officially by Sony… that is until now. Whilst reading through Engadget’s article on PS3 firmware we followed onto their source that is actually advertising for Homebrew developers and software engineers.

Now I am sure that Sony does not condone the use of Jailbreaking on their PlayStation models but to be honest, what can they do about it? Reading through the article on it offers an interesting insight into what these guys do.

Are you a psjailbreaker? What do you make of these claims on this website? Not only do they claim that they can jailbreak your PlayStation but they can support it as well. There is various documentation scattered across the website but would you dare do this? If Sony were to find that this has happened on your hardware what could they do?

Have you already done a jailbreak on your PlayStation? If you have we want to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. g2thee says:

    proven fake

  2. HackMasterRock says:

    I have purchased a PS3jailbrek from a site to claim it could jailbreak PS3s with firmware 3.50. However, after testing this method, it was for naught. Ive even used several usb thumb drives to create my own dongles with the jailbreak image known as jailbreak.flv without "any" success. Even by downloading what had been advertised as a "firmware downgrader". And every video you see posted on youtube, is fake. As I can post one myself using 2 PS3s, one with firmware 3.41 the other with 3.5. Just switch the channel when you move the camera, about like how a particular illusionist performs some of his tricks on tv… I've moved own since I can buy previously played games for 15.00 and under.

    Don't get caught up in the scheme of things people, just go to your local Blockbuster, Gamestop, or other gamestore and buy previously played games, and if you want new titles that cost more, just work a little harder..

    HackMasterRock Master Modifier

    • ironic dude says:

      Ironic that a guy with the pseudo "HackMaster" would recommend to buy instead of hacking it. I'm not telling to hack or not to hack, I just think you hsould now change your pseudo now that you've found a job and you're willing to pay for games.

    • skv says:

      This is stupid and don't know what he is doing when he tried jailbreak ps3. I downloaded the firwmware 3.41 and able to jailbreak it using my iphone 3g. And also able to backup my games to the ps3 internal hardsik and able to play it. But you can't play games which requires firware version 3.5. I am waiting for the 3.5 jailbreak for iphone.

  3. confused says:

    has anyone (just one…) managed to jailbreak ps3 with firmware 3.50?
    please, only answer if you have…

    thanks in advance

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