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Phones fire durability test: iPhone, Android and WP7 grilled!

November 15, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Phones fire durability test: iPhone, Android and WP7 grilled!

This is really going to hurt, and I am not talking to the phones! Youtube user EZGrill has decided to make the most insane video I have ever seen by conducting a phone durability test.

We have embedded the painful but funny video for you below, courtesy of Mashable. If you are fond of the iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 7 handsets then you may want to think twice about watching. As you will have seen, some nutter has decided to get himself a disposable BBQ and three perfectly good smartphones. Guess what he does next?

The funny thing about the video is that he actually got a result and found that the HTC Android phone was the most durable to fire, although it is fair to say they all failed in epic style. It took less than a minute for all three to start giving off random warning messages due to overheating.

The grand finale was seeing the phones give off a mini explosion and then watching the screens crack and the plastic melt. Android, Apple and Microsoft must be cringing after seeing such a waste of their products! What did you think of the crazy video? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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