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Path: New Social Network - How Many Friends?


Path is a new social networking site which will allow only 50 friends? Why is that you might ask? Well according to Robin Dunbar we can only maintain a close relationship with around 150 people due to the size of the neocortex (the part of the brain used for language and conscious thought).

This makes me think, why does Facebook allow up to 5,000? My Facebook has more than 150 people on it as I use mine to stay in contact with relatives in different countries, friends who have moved away and sometimes for chatting.

According to Dave Morin who formerly had ties to Apple inc,Facebook inc and Shawn Flanning who is the co-founder of Napster, they think that people crave the more intense group of friends and that is why it has been limited to 50. They have estimated that 50 is the outer boundary based on Dunbar’s research.

Head across to the Los Angeles Times to read more about Dunbar’s research and the new Social Networking site Path. Would 50 connections be enough for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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  1. Hakim says:

    Well I have about 730 friends on Facebook, and those I people I know well and would trust some of my details with. But only 102 friends are excluded from my “Restricted access” group… those 102 are the people I would share most things, but lets say that a few dozens from that would be excluded from my more personal stuff, so 50 might really be OK!

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