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“Inception” Mobile marketing campaign begins today

November 15, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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“Inception” Mobile marketing campaign begins today

Back in the summer the movie “Inception” became a big hit and is now set for release on Blu-Ray and DVD on December 7. Marketing campaigns have become increasingly imaginative recently and we’ve recently told about the social media campaign for the “Conan” show, and also the campaign in conjunction with Bing to promote the new Jay Z book, “Decoded.”

This latest campaign that Warner Bros. has come up with for “Inception,” in conjunction with SpyderLynk, certainly sounds intriguing. SpyderLynk are the makers of SnapTag and these are used as part of a new mobile marketing campaign beginning today, according to Christina Warren over on Mashable. Right up to the release date every day SnapTags will be concealed in promotions for the DVD, such as commercials, posters and web pages.

Once you see a Snap Tag if you then take a picture of it with your mobile phone you can then email it or text it to get access to exclusive content such as video clips. Each week there’ll be more content involved and even the DVD packaging and Facebook page have SnapTags. It certainly matches the enigmatic nature of the film and sounds like it will keep a lot of “Inception” fans absorbed.

For more on this go to What do you think of these new kinds of marketing campaigns as opposed to traditional promotions? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this so why not send us your comments.

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  1. Evie says:

    I love how the Inception totem/top is incorporated into the SnapTag (instead of the tag simply being a code). The spinning top is an unforgettable piece of the movie.

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