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Another Windows Phone 7 Review: Apps Holding It Back

November 15, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Another Windows Phone 7 Review: Apps Holding It Back

Since it’s launch in early October, Windows Phone 7 was and is now one of the most talked about pieces of mobile news. WP7 became available in Europe first with America experiencing the hype last week. Although Windows still looks to be positioned at the top in relation to desktop computers, it’s a different story with mobile. Gartner reported that Nokia’s Symbian and Google’s Android market have taken over.

So with a big sales campaign and compatibility with AT&T and T-Mobile services in the U.S. is WP7 at the top of its game? To look into this, Andy over at reported on the HTC Surround. Available from AT&T setting you back $500 as a stand-alone price or on a two-year contract at $200, will this WP7 handset deliver? In appearance it looks robust but heavy to hold, the screen is smaller than that of its counterparts the Droid X and HTC Evo comprising of a 3.8-inch screen. Although the WP7 OS is fairly easy to use, it disappoints with the number of accessible apps. When looking at the number at Apple’s App store, Windows only offer 2,000 apps including Twitter, compared to some 200,000.

Andy highly praised the stereo surround sound with the handset incorporating slide-out speakers with Dolby Mobile giving a loud and clear sound. Other fantastic features include 5MP camera as well as a kickstand for watching videos in landscape. It appears that although the HTC Surround will no doubt give you fantastic specifications, it is let down by a lack of apps.

Are you in agreement with this? Can you see this factor contributing to a lack in sales? Let us know your feedback. To find out more log onto

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  1. wp7 says:

    No, I disagree. You are simply making a numerical comparison. How about finding out which of the 200,000 apps are duplicated in terms of functioanlity? How many are useless apps? Many of the providers supply their own apps anyway, so the phones have a lot of extra functionality out of the box. The "alleged" lack of sales will be down to people still being on contract who don't need to (or can't) change their phone yet, although I don't actually think there is a lack of sales when you look at the European figures.

    Apps are really easy and free to develop for WP7, therefore the MS app store is likely to grow very quickly since existing MS developers don't need to invest in any tools. WP7 apps can also leverage the Metro interface which can offer a unique advantage over Apple apps, offering WP7 users an even better experience.

  2. Apple hater says:

    er no…who needs 200000 apps….most of them are utter crap….i had an i-phone and never used half the apps i downloaded….all just another way for others to make money….all we want is a decent sexy phone that works and im afraid it is a case of move over apple….you are soooo 2008! WP& is the next generation of sexy sleek and fashionable. Capabilities will all come without the need to keep going out to buy a new handset!

  3. Case says:

    Isn't the whole idea of WP7 to be LESS reliant on apps? That is why they have the home tiles, so unlike iOS you don't have to go and open a separate app to see an email from a person, and then another app to see their facebook updates and another app to see twitter stuff and so on. And being recently relased of course it's available apps are less than an platform that has been established for years. What is the point of this "review"?

    Also at the start you point out that Symbian is a market leader, how many apps have you seen for Symbian lately?

  4. GuyWithBrain says:

    Really? People on contracts? That doesn't seem to stop Apple and Android phones from selling hundreds of thousands of phone each day.

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