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iOS 4.2 iPhone Update: Apple iPad To Blame

November 13, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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iOS 4.2 iPhone Update: Apple iPad To Blame

Have you been waiting for the new iOS 4.2 update to be released? Well we have found you some reasons as to why it hasn’t come through yet. Alan Ng over at Product-Reviews has put together an article that has all of the details on it, head on over and have a full read of it by clicking here.

So the suspected reason that the update was late in the first place was due to a suspected problem with the WiFi feature for the iPad, at the bottom of the article there is a video that shows the evidence of the issues on the iPad.

The delay is causing major unrest to iPad users as there has only been one minor update since it was released and other Apple products get updated regularly. Are you starting to loose lose faith in Apple? Perhaps Apple will buck their ideas up in the future and release the updates for the iPad more regularly seeing as this one has been delayed so badly.

What are your thoughts on the delay? Are you losing faith in Apple?

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  1. Apple said it was coming in November, As far as I know, November is not over yet… People are so excited when it's about Apple products!

    Love them or hate them, everyone follows Apple in some way! Now that's what I call marketing!

  2. Rob says:

    It appears Apple is turning into Toyota. The bigger it gets, the less attention to the details. What a shame. Two companies that had impeccable records until resently.

  3. WesG says:

    They said November it's still November. I love how everyone reads these RUMORS and takes them as facts out of Apple's mouth. It's ridiculous. There is no delay. And there is also no reported wifi problems. At least not that apple reported. So stop publishing false news articles based on rumors.

  4. Dave says:

    Apple never said it would be out yesterday, they told everyone november. If December 1st rolls around and still no update then maybe i start losing faith. The iPad up until now has been an awesome product, updates or not.

  5. Joe says:

    Why would we "loose" faith in Apple? Do you mean "lose?" And why would we lose faith, anyway? They're doing exactly what they should do…fixing bugs that appear in every piece of software. Dumbass question…

  6. Gespam Spur says:

    Apple folk are funny…"lose our faith"…it's a religion now?? All praise the mighty Jobs. Apple takes open source products, puts a pretty face on them and then sells them back to you. Apple folk are so simple.

  7. Stop Apple Bashing says:

    Stop slagging Apple for god's sake. If you don't like their stuff don't buy it. I've used Apple products for 10+ years, before everyone jumped on the shiny fruit bandwagon. What alternatives did we have before the likes of the iPod/pad/phone etc. Granted much of technology may have already existed, but at least Apple put together in a useful package. It wasn't too many years ago I remember trying to set up mail sync on my Windows mobile, what a fu*%$ng pile of shite. As for the android offerings, yep feature packed, and with a bit of maturity Apple really will have a worthy challenger, but for now Apple is still at the top of tree.

  8. Rob says:

    It appears Apple is turning into Toyota. The bigger it gets

  9. Dan P UK says:

    apple have not actually given a date for the release so how can it be delayed … media stirring up rubbish rumors again!

  10. Karl says:

    Like you never had a typo you drumstick! Blatantly got nothing better to do but to winge about a dumb asss typo lol get a frigging life!!! Ohhh let’s get a moderator on here. How can life go on

  11. Jeff says:

    Still looking forward so apple better don't let me down…..again !!

  12. abe says:

    Apple never announced a date for the release (just the end of November), therefore, it is not delayed. Get over it.

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