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Lord Alan Sugar and Kirstie Allsopp: Twitter War Continues

Lord Alan Sugar and Kirstie Allsopp: Twitter War Continues

A few days ago we brought you news about a Twitter feud that appeared to be taking place between “The Apprentice” boss Lord Alan Sugar and “Location, Location, Location” star Kirstie Allsopp. Well I can now tell you that the war of words is still continuing.

According to Lisa McGarry over at, the business guru took to his Twitter page recently, and left a comment that insinuated Kirstie Allsopp is fat. The Twitter feud originally began when Allsopp called Lord Alan Sugar “shockingly uncharitable” in a tweet.

Lord Sugar soon hit back however, describing Kirstie as the worst “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant ever. The Twitter feud sparked up again on Thursday, when Allsopp criticized Lord Sugar for not respecting the 2 minute silence for Armistice Day.

“No tweeting for 2 mins,” Lord Sugar wrote just before 11am on Thursday morning. However, his page was updated with a message only 1 minute later. The message congratulated someone on winning a competition and mentioned Lord Sugar’s book.

A little later Kirstie wrote: “Using the 2 minutes silence to plug your book? That’s unforgivable by anyones standards.” Sugar responded saying that it was technical glitch, and finished the tweet off by saying: “she really needs to think about a diet @KirstieMAllsopp.”

What do you think of their war of words on Twitter?

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  1. Mrs Ed says:

    i am suprised they don't have better things to do.

  2. Mark Wilson says:

    Time to grow up, methinks. Although I did laugh at a tweet alledgedly from Kirstie, when she said he seemed to like her curves when he was staring at them (or words to that effect). That tweet seems to have gone AWOL now and Kirstie says it wasn't her.

    As for the tweeting during the 2 minute silence… it may have been a techncial glitch, but an apology would be good; and he has to take the flak for anything that happens in his name.

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