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UK Lovefilm Movie Streaming Available On PS3

November 10, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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UK Lovefilm Movie Streaming Available On PS3

Sony PlayStation 3 can now be enjoyed with Lovefilm’s movie streaming app as from today. This means that users will now be able to enjoy thousands of film titles plus games from the rental company and watch them through their gaming console.

According to Rik Henderson at Pocket-Lint if subscribers decide to download a movie they can do so with an icon found in the “video” section of the Xross Media Bar. The movie will take no longer than 20 minutes to download. If you decide that half way through watching the film that you want to turn it off then rest assured, it will still be there on your return. In order to get Lovefilm, you will have to subscribe to it’s postal services which will in turn send you a disc(s) once you have returned your present movie. All from £5.99 per month.

Another benefit to this service is that you can keep an eye on your account. You can expect to be offered a 30 day free trial directly through your PS3. For some time now, a film service with a large selection of movies at a fixed monthly fee is definitely what the market has been missing, the introduction of Lovefilm is sure to fill this gap. To find out which games and movies are listed check out

Will you be using this service, and for what? Let us know. Head on over to Pocket-Lint for more details.

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  1. Iain says:

    This is great… I don't think people will sign up just to watch it through the PS3 but for current members it's a brilliant addition. Yet another string to Sony's media hub bow.

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