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Social media marketing impact on “Conan” - Ratings winner

November 10, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Social media marketing impact on “Conan” – Ratings winner

You may remember that back in October we brought you an article about Conan O’Brien and how he was using social media site Twitter to promote his new show “Conan.” At the time the marketing campaign for the TV show was to find the guests for his first show on November 8.

The first show has now aired in a blaze of publicity and was a ratings hit and we wondered how much of its success was down to how the show used social media as a marketing tool. An article over on Lost Remote by Cory Bergman gives a useful insight into this saying that since Conan left NBC his Twitter account “exploded into a promotion machine.”

The followers on Conan’s account now number 1.8 million and it has been very successfully used to promote the new TV show on TBS and also Conan O’Brien’s stand-up tour. Now Team Coco has also used Facebook, YouTube, live webcams and a blog to market Conan O’Brien, to great effect it seems. The “Conan” show premiere managed to pull in viewing figures of 4,155,000 which was higher than the viewing figures for even Jay Leno or David Letterman.

For more on this go to Did you watch the new “Conan” show and do you follow Conan O’Brien on Twitter? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts so why not send us your comments.

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  1. Garious says:

    I haven't watched any latest from Conan yet but that figure is pretty impressive. So, who would say now that social media is just a fad after all? I guess, many are underestimating the powers of social media and how it can change a lot of things we used to do today. I'll check him out on Twitter, thanks.

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