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Facebook is free speech and employees are safe from the sack

November 10, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Facebook is free speech and employees are safe from the sack

When an employee posts negative or rude comments on the internet about their boss, job or workplace, in the past that would be a valid reason to dismiss the employee. However a federal agency has declared that Facebook posts are legally protected speech and it is no longer acceptable to dismiss for this reason.

Mashable reports that recently an employee named Dawnmarie Souza, posted some vulgar content on Facebook about her boss after he denied one of her requests. As a result of this, several co-workers also joined in with the bad mouthing of the boss by joining the thread. Souza was fired from her job due to this activity but on the other hand she made these comments on her own time and on her own computer.

Recently many employers have been stamping down hard on social media policies, with bans on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Some employees are told to never write about their work online and keep the two things separate. The National Labor Relations Board said the recent Facebook related termination of Souza was unlawful and a lawsuit is being issued. Recently we saw the Queen being insulted on Facebook.

Beware though, not all Facebook activity is likely to be protected speech so you should think twice before calling your boss every dirty swear word under the sun. Speaking about your opinions on your work is fine but blatant insults will probably lead you to unemployment. Do you think that employees are entitled to say what ever they want about their work on Facebook? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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