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Viewing web video may now be easier with YouTube Topics

Viewing web video may now be easier with YouTube Topics

On Wednesday evening, YouTube are going to test out their new search feature which they have named “YouTube Topics”.

YouTube Topics will involve a dynamic search of a word and then the results will be a reflection of what the word is similar to based on related topics. Mashable has kindly given an example of how the new search tool would be used. If you look for “supersonic,” YouTube will deliver a string of related topics at the top of the page. In the case of “supersonic,” you might get “fighter jet” or “sonic boom.”

Another nifty addition made to the site is the “plus button”. For example if there is a common search term that you regularly look for, like “Lady GaGa then you click the plus button where the related topics are. From now on if you are looking for a kind of video which also has Lay GaGa in it then you search for the original term and then click the plus button. A search for the two terms together will be initiated, which looks as if it is just trying to speed up the process.

All of this may seem a tad complicated but it is probably easier playing around with it when you are searching, rather than trying to read about it. Do you think YouTube are making searching easier and more effective for its viewers? Or are all these new features making the service more difficult and complex to use? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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