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The Queen’s Facebook page gets plagued with abuse

November 9, 2021 | Matt Tran

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The Queen’s Facebook page gets plagued with abuse

This week we heard the surprising news that The Queen had just signed up to the social networks Facebook and Twitter. What is even more of a surprise is that people are “liking” her official page and then abusing it.

Once someone is a fan of the page they can post comments on photos and posts; however one of the last people you would expect to receive hate mail would be her Royal Highness. The official page already has around 170,000 “likes,” according to TNT Magazine, but not all of the fans are genuine.

Insults mainly came from foreigners, who branded The Queen a “parasite” and the Royal family as “Britain’s biggest benefits scroungers”. Buckingham Palace moderators were forced to swiftly remove dozens of comments left by anti-monarchists.

Real fans of her Majesty were quick to jump to her defense as a supporter called Tom Boreham wrote: “Get off this page if you don’t like the monarchy. People who are on here ‘like’ the monarchy, so if you’re trying to ‘convert’ them then you’re wasting your time.”

Should somebody like the Queen really have Facebook? Is it not just an invite for trouble? Leave us your thoughts on this article.

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  1. Chris says:

    It is not true that most of the insults came from foreigners; I’m not sure from looking at the page why you think this. Most people posting anything from subtle jokes to outright abuse are British and are participating in a kind of disorganised mass trolling of the page for our own amusement and because we see the royal family as a bunch of reactionary freeloading parasites who should have had their government umbilical cord cut a long time ago. Phrases like “benefits scroungers” are part of the tabloid lexicon in the UK and resonate with the current domestic political context because the coalition government that came in in May seems to have it in for people on state benefits, despite there being a lack of jobs. Actually a lot of the people on the page posting comments in support of the monarchy are misty-eyed American anglophiles and so on.

    In case you think I’m just trying to put my spin on it, I’ll be quite frank in admitting that the monarchy does have substantial support amongst the British public, partly I think out of a sense of misplaced patriotism in which being British is equated with holding on to traditions like the monarchy almost deliberately because they look out of place in the modern world. Partly though it’s because the present queen is held in quite high personal esteem even by many opponents of the monarchy and has done a pretty decent job over the years, as much as anyone can be said to have done a decent job within the constraints of such a messed-up institution.

  2. daz says:

    nice one man i totally agree. I am neither a hater nor lover for the queen and i am a member of a "liker" if you will and in the modern world mainly british people like to abuse other people on facebook. yes its not nice but its like a hobby to them, a sick one but a hobby non the less.

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