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Michael Jackson New Song Causes Stir On Twitter

Michael Jackson New Song Causes Stir On Twitter

The King of Pop “Michael Jackson” even after his death is causing a stir on the world wide web. Since Monday, online networking sites such as Twitter have been rife with comments about a new single that was debuted online Monday.

Speculation has been surrounding whether the single “Breaking News” is actually sung by the star himself, with some people calling it a “Fake.” According to Brenda Ehrlich at Mashable, in a bid to stop the rumours, Epic Records have stepped in and issued a statement to fans and Michael’s sister La Toya saying that, “Yes, indeed” the song was sung by the King of Pop himself. Since the news came through on that sad day of Michael’s death, sites such as Twitter have been inundated with fans comments, tributes and opinions in a bid to keep his memory alive in the best possible light. Even after his death, the singer is still talked about very openly in public.

Breaking news is from his album “Michael” which is due to be released December 14, but this is not the first record to come out after the singer’s death. In 2009, fans were able to enjoy “This Is It” which featured alongside a documentary.

Have a listen to the new “Breaking News” single below and tell us what you think? Are you a big Michael Jackson fan?

To find out more log onto Mashable.

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  1. maria says:

    it a great song. and to me is MJ singing. i can wait for his new album let make it bigger than thriller. I miss you MJ. you fans/children and family Miss u so much. Peace

  2. jessie says:

    Sounds like a bad imitation of Michael jackson to me.

  3. Csaba says:

    IT IS FAKE!!!! it has nothing to do with MJ. I can't beleve they are trying to feed us with this crap

  4. Susie says:

    Kinda has the same beat as You Rock My World in a way…the song does not sound like him at all…Just waiting to see what the other songs on HIS OWN supposed album is like…This cannot be Michael Jackson, is this serious? The OWWSSS don't even sound like him either…Wow

  5. the inquirer says:

    that is MJ.he could sing in different styles.remember 2000 watts??please don't boycott the album.don't let it have the same fate as 'invincible'.please fans,do it for michael!!

  6. Debbie says:


  7. matt says:

    nothing abt this song is mj. no passion, no emotion, no anger. it's just a flat, dull, cut and paste job with someone who sounds a bit like him. i wanted more than ANYTHING to believe this was mj.we've waited so long for new music and i was so excited abt this new album. but as soon as i heard the first line i knew it wasn't him. i'm hurt, insulted, frustrated and angry.never thought i'd say this but i'm not going to buy this album out of respect for mj and disgust in sony.

  8. London says:

    Don't listen or take any notice of the kind of comments made by 'maria' or 'the inquirer'. No disrespect to them but it is NOT MICHAEL JACKSON.

    I've been listening to this man's music for 17 YEARS. Acapellas, live performances, home demo's, official releases and unreleased music. THE LOT. I know his voice like it was my own.

    The harmonies are NOTHING like he would do. The way he says 'celebrity' is NOTHING like him. How he pronounces 80% of these words are NOTHING like he would. Sound stupid to you? Just TRUST me.

    I would bet my life that the main voice/backing vocals you're hearing is NOT MJ apart from a 'OOH' here or there which they have simply put in there for previous videos, songs and acapellas.

    Is it just a coincidence that one of the 'HOO's' in this track I IMMEDIATELY noticed 'Hmm.. that sounds like one of those from You Rock My World' So I checked them back to back and do you know.. it's in exactly the same key and everything. What a coincidence. Also the You Rock my world acapella was officially released to the public in 2001, you can find it on YouTube right now.

    The voice you're hearing is NOT MICHAEL JACKSON's.

    Source: 17 YEARS of analyzing MJ's voice, with and without music

  9. Nathan Lloyd says:

    THIS IS MICHAEL …. what's different is the backing vocals are a little too over powering … the instrumental is michael jackson genious.. so much character and rawrity… if anything adds to the spectulation of it not being him here's your answer .. ask yourself …. 2007 when he was at his lowest he recorded this .. so this could of been a demo and has been through so much engeniring/remixing to make it sound as good to us fan as poss …. :) on the other hand some of sony bosses are here just to make money.. but i dont belive everyone at sony want to let us fans down.. an top line isss evan if it isnt MJ (which im more than sure it is .. with sum1 elses back0up vocal).. its a pretty good tribute if anything lol … ENJOY guys and remeber who the king is :) Peace And Heal The World :)

  10. It has to be his real voice. Do you think the label or anyone would take such a risk as having an impersonator or any other means faking a Michael Jackson vocal take? Someone would know about it be it the impersonator and production team or whoever and the label has to trust that these guys, who agreed to the action that is already shady, wouldn't spill it all out to the highest bidder on a news channel or magazine? Too big a risk.

    I don't like the song but it doesn't make it that it's not Michael. My personal thought, I think they are takes from demo recordings that Michael made and probably had the intention of re-singing cause they aren't up to par with his usual. And of course the song sounds different, it's hard to have production input from the king of pop when he's not around so his touch is missing, fine, but I don't doubt one bit that these are takes from Michael himself, just perhaps not the ones he intended on having released which is the sad part.

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