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Call of Duty Black Ops Problems Discussed On Twitter

Call of Duty Black Ops Problems Discussed On Twitter

Call of Duty: Black Ops was released today, November 9, in a blaze of glory and many people already have their hands on the game as they were standing in line outside various retail stores for the midnight launch. Here at OSM we’ve been keeping you informed for some time about this game that is set to be the smash-hit of the year.

Just recently we told about how there was a Black Ops theft just before the release and we also told how Zombies YouTube videos were being pulled by Activision and even about special Call of Duty: Black Ops headphones. Now the game is actually available we thought we’d look at some first responses from people out there at it seems some people have hit problems with the game.

Over on Google, Black Ops problems are being discussed on Twitter. From taking a look it seems a major discussion is going on and that some of the tweets note a lag on the PC version of the game. Vixxy for example tweeted, “hows Black Ops for you, I know the PC players are suffering FPS and Lag problems…?” SHIN 1982 recently tweeted, “Anyone got black ops & got same problem as me? noticing that it takes full clips to kill ppl while they kill me pretty much instantly! Help.”

Manimultimo meanawhile tweets, “sod it. am re-downloading. too many people saying there’s no problem. If you want to look for yourself go to Have you got your copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops yet and if so have you noticed any problems? We’d be interested to hear from you about this so please share your comments with us.

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  1. Thomas V says:

    I installed the game perfectly, when i launch it i get stuck at the press any button screen. I can only move the windows 7 loading icon, the golden cursor freezes. When i ctrl+alt+del i see that the game takes like 99% of my cpu usage and my pc has a Intel Quad Core Q9650 @ 3.0Ghz 12 gb!! I've spent 3000 euro on a computer and now 60 euro on the game and it still doen't work??? please help me if you have a solution

  2. Fred says:

    xbox for me is the same, constantly saying 'connection interupted' and it is completely unplayable

  3. Rumble says:

    Runs great in single player for me, mulltiplayer runs well 50 ping, but after about 10 mins it crashes, i cant see what the reason for the crash is because a black screen covers 3 parts of the error message.
    I know all pc's are not the same, in my opinion thats more than enough reason for a beta
    very irated user.

  4. Black ops SUCKS says:

    I have problems too.I played this game on single player 2 days, with all graphics MAX at my PC,and my PC is very good!!!! SO, at the first time the single player was lagging but, after one hour it worked PERFECTLY!!!! then next day, i almost beat the game, and then suddenly, A F******G BLUE SCREEN WITH SOME LETTERS ON IT APPERAS AND THEN ALL THE F*******G PC RETSTARTS…WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?! then i played on multiplayer….MAX graphics…PERFECLY, and then THE F******G BLUE SCREEN APPERAS AGAIN AND RETSTARTS TEH PC…THEN I PLAY IT ON LOW GRAPHICS AND EVERY SERVER IS LAGGING AND THEN HE GET ME TO THE MULTIPLAYER MENU AND SAIS TRY LATER NO CONNECTION OR SOMETHING… i payed 220 RON on it…that means 51 EURO…i want my money back i didnt even beat the game…call of duty world at war is a lot better…OH and at first i wanted to buy medal of honor but i said:"COD is better". and that was it…i hope…I JUST F*****G HOPE THAT MEDAL OF HONOR IS BETTER…please God:)

  5. a says:

    same, cant do anything

  6. trkzz says:

    no…mine is custom built…basically the conclusion me and my tech guys came to is that it is a chipset issue and we just need to sit and wait for the game to be patched…it is brutal and completely ridiculous but what else is there to do?! it seems everyone has tried everything

  7. 85555 says:

    i found a video on youtube :
    and someone commented :

    finnaly i got mine fixed

    ok im not sure what file actually did the trick but ill give you the list so you can try it your self or go ya only this one would need it any way

    from the root cod bo folder i deleted localization.txt

    then i went to players and deleted config_mp

    like i said i am not sure what one of thows 2 did it but when i deleted i had steam validate the files after and re-dl them when it did that i was able to play again without the blue ring thing.

  8. 85555 says:

    This didn't work for me .. so if someone else has a solution .. plz tell us

  9. trkzz says:

    the first comment on the video (going into msconfig) blah blah blah worked for me…its running absolutely fine…the problem was that my computer was only utilizing one core of the processor and it couldn't do it…i also delete the config files and the localization files but that alone didn't solve the problem…but yeah…it definitely worked for me so good luck guys! hope it works for you…try what that first comment says! :)

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