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Call of Duty Black Ops Problems Discussed On Twitter

Call of Duty Black Ops Problems Discussed On Twitter

Call of Duty: Black Ops was released today, November 9, in a blaze of glory and many people already have their hands on the game as they were standing in line outside various retail stores for the midnight launch. Here at OSM we’ve been keeping you informed for some time about this game that is set to be the smash-hit of the year.

Just recently we told about how there was a Black Ops theft just before the release and we also told how Zombies YouTube videos were being pulled by Activision and even about special Call of Duty: Black Ops headphones. Now the game is actually available we thought we’d look at some first responses from people out there at it seems some people have hit problems with the game.

Over on Google, Black Ops problems are being discussed on Twitter. From taking a look it seems a major discussion is going on and that some of the tweets note a lag on the PC version of the game. Vixxy for example tweeted, “hows Black Ops for you, I know the PC players are suffering FPS and Lag problems…?” SHIN 1982 recently tweeted, “Anyone got black ops & got same problem as me? noticing that it takes full clips to kill ppl while they kill me pretty much instantly! Help.”

Manimultimo meanawhile tweets, “sod it. am re-downloading. too many people saying there’s no problem. If you want to look for yourself go to Have you got your copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops yet and if so have you noticed any problems? We’d be interested to hear from you about this so please share your comments with us.

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  1. Thomas V says:

    I installed the game perfectly, when i launch it i get stuck at the press any button screen. I can only move the windows 7 loading icon, the golden cursor freezes. When i ctrl+alt+del i see that the game takes like 99% of my cpu usage and my pc has a Intel Quad Core Q9650 @ 3.0Ghz 12 gb!! I've spent 3000 euro on a computer and now 60 euro on the game and it still doen't work??? please help me if you have a solution

  2. Fred says:

    xbox for me is the same, constantly saying 'connection interupted' and it is completely unplayable

  3. Rumble says:

    Runs great in single player for me, mulltiplayer runs well 50 ping, but after about 10 mins it crashes, i cant see what the reason for the crash is because a black screen covers 3 parts of the error message.
    I know all pc's are not the same, in my opinion thats more than enough reason for a beta
    very irated user.

  4. Black ops SUCKS says:

    I have problems too.I played this game on single player 2 days, with all graphics MAX at my PC,and my PC is very good!!!! SO, at the first time the single player was lagging but, after one hour it worked PERFECTLY!!!! then next day, i almost beat the game, and then suddenly, A F******G BLUE SCREEN WITH SOME LETTERS ON IT APPERAS AND THEN ALL THE F*******G PC RETSTARTS…WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?! then i played on multiplayer….MAX graphics…PERFECLY, and then THE F******G BLUE SCREEN APPERAS AGAIN AND RETSTARTS TEH PC…THEN I PLAY IT ON LOW GRAPHICS AND EVERY SERVER IS LAGGING AND THEN HE GET ME TO THE MULTIPLAYER MENU AND SAIS TRY LATER NO CONNECTION OR SOMETHING… i payed 220 RON on it…that means 51 EURO…i want my money back i didnt even beat the game…call of duty world at war is a lot better…OH and at first i wanted to buy medal of honor but i said:"COD is better". and that was it…i hope…I JUST F*****G HOPE THAT MEDAL OF HONOR IS BETTER…please God:)

  5. alex says:

    activision has a 175 million dollar lawsuit from infinity ward for maps and using thei iw 3.1 and 4.0 engine tat they made and is being used for black ops so as far as we getting our money back we better get inline

  6. alex says:

    also i dont understand the lag i got 50 mb down and 5mb up and its awefull, other games run sweet. i froze over 10 times today, cant message anyone or it freezes, cant press the ps button or it takes 2 mins to load. worst piece of poop ive played its cod 4 crossed with waw and few new guns. mw2 owns this game respaw entertainmnet ( infinity ward ) please come save us. guns sound like little firecrackers inside coffee cans, rendering is awefull, lag is terrible,freezing this many times is just not rigth. had to turn off the game, shame on you activision you are a bunch of hacks and thiefs and this game proves it, im sure jason west is laughing his ass off

  7. Garrett says:

    Everytime(on xbox) I try to play online I can get into a game fine but then when I get to the choose class screen I get about one second then I can’t connect with the host but what really bothers me is that for the first hour or so it worked perfectly fine. Can anyone help

  8. Sander says:

    49 euro's and i tryed everything but i cant play, a waste off money

  9. kieo111 says:

    I HATE IT! i have black ops on PC and all ti does wen i go on multiplayer is freeze after a faulty connection! please sort it out. because every one online is getting it except a mall group!!!

  10. Beer<3 says:

    Im having problem with FPS either…. all I feel at the moment is dissapointment about the game since it's totally unplayable, cant even do the single player or zombie mod since it says I have problems with my directX which is updates to 9.0c….
    hope they'll fix it :S

  11. Michael says:

    ok guys there is a lag issue, but to fix most of the lag to to the task manager > processes > blackops and set it to top priority, then set steam to mid. this fixed all of my lag issues. i hope it helps you guys.

  12. sometimes (but more often than not) online when i click L3 to sprint, it automatically throws a grenade and switches from my primary weapon to my secondary weapon. i thought it was a controller issue, but we've got 4 controllers and it happens with every different controller. and it only happens on online multiplayer or 4 player multiplayer. Campaign mode - everything is fine.

  13. Mommie123 says:

    Just to let everyone no that we have the same problems on ps3! Lag is bad, joining matches is poor and often results in host migration and being kicked! I even played Team deathmatch with friends and sum how managed to kill all of my friends on my side as the game started! Not even including grathics the game is just poor!!!

  14. mark says:

    this f*cking game is the last one i ll ever buy from cod wtf happend my game lags like shit even with my newest computer

  15. Klaus says:

    What the f*** is wrong with ´Black Ops' for PS3?!? Just about everything: Serious connection problems (here in Denmark too), misserable sound effects…. and what about the contracts which expires when not fulfilled in a limited time? Jesus F****** Christ I'm disappointed!!! Shame on you 'Black Ops for PS3' inventors!!!

  16. Tim says:

    I got it for ps3 on launch day and apart from a little disconnection ( once every 5 online games or so) i have no problems at all , runs perfect in Norway

  17. Dennis says:

    I have problem with the screen turning black and you can only se the yellow mark… I have xbox… the game is running but I can't se!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. birdman says:

    how is it that it takes half an hour to find a game, when there is a million ppl playing?
    good game but disapointed in the online play and thats all i like to play

  19. chad says:

    I can play everything but player matches online but it keeps telling me unable to connect to host?am i banned?activision is horrible!

  20. saman says:

    when i’m playing the game,the characters dont have sound when they speakin but the other sound(like explosions)are available!!!!what should i do?

  21. Hoosierdaddy says:

    Question from a 'senior' vet. Campaign ' Crash Site- instructed to walk up wing enter plane
    Wood & ? (not Bowman are suppose to be opening WMD creats player takes the China Lake.
    I believe I've located box but it's not open nor can i open it. The two dudes with me jump off
    wing enter plane and freeze in place. Can someone tell me how to get this launcher? Thank you.

  22. Jason says:

    I have a ps3 and have the game for 6 days and it freezes after the cutscene with the lady giving the ascendance codes. WTF?

  23. AoS(BIG C) KNIFER says:

    dude the wii blackops is so freaking buggy
    im suprise to get to level 43 on there
    as soon as the match gets on the loading screen the match says at the bottom (awaiting gamestate or syncronizing game settings) and then the loading circles come at the bottom and puts us back to the lobby screen
    Or it would freeze my game completely. Even on the campaign it freezes on certain parts.
    Or when i try to join my friend when he sends a invite or try to join his party without the invite it would say something like ( he is not online right now at some points). it lets me join sometimes but not all the time.
    its not my wii its not my internet cause i went back to cod reflex and cod waw and dont get them problems at all. no lag no freezes and not getting timed out of the game as much. blackops is the problem
    They did not test this game on online or campaign at all.
    its like they just said "the game is going to be good even with bugs in it so just sell it anyway
    They do not do anything for the wii
    it is straight bullcrap
    i dought ps3 or xbox360 are having these problems
    im thinking about taking it back to gamestop

  24. BJ58 says:

    Let's face it, console's have ruined the computer gaminig industry for PC's. It's all about money, one big grab for cash.

  25. mIKE says:


    I WANT MY $60 BACK!

  26. GuTrIpPeR says:

    hey, I downloaded Call of Duty BO about a week ago now and when I started it I saw a lag already (this is first time start) when I looked around in the facility in the start it already lagged anyway when I started plaing thee game HEAVY LAGG very HEAVY LAGG can't even play……….. I don't know wat to do, well atl least the game doesnt crash (single player) but Multiplayer crashes everytime and the game is original and everything, nut I thought it had to do with steam or something I don't know and Im sure my system can handel everything cause it handels all the new pc games thats coming out……. so is there any one that knows what the f**** is going on with treyarch cuz this is a load of BS this game was supposed 2 be awesome and I payed my ass of 4 it and now ths sh*** they better fix this crap quick or Im gonna phone them and fic this myself (does anyone know bout a update?)

  27. Brian says:

    k! I downloaded Black Ops but when I double to play Black Ops it doesn't load and Steam just brings me to the store HELP please???????????

  28. arso says:

    I have problem with mission 6….. when he ask to open the door, I got a black screen, I hear audio but the screen is almost black, I changed resolution but nothing.
    need help…thank you

  29. trav says:

    anyone on here get a black out on the screen? the map and green arrow still there but no picture? mine is on ps3…

  30. avante says:

    I have set my graphics back to '96, and in the best of cases it doesnt stutter every time i twist my mouse around. Best of cases I can aim for a head, and make one headshot, if by any luck the guaranteerd lag isn;t there for that millisecond.

    It's quite ironic: I was desperatly awaiting BO, to escape MW2 with all the noob cheaters (which ruined that game), only to find myself playing combat training (since it has the least lag), to play once again wallhackers, aimbots…oww what a great dissapointement this is so far.

    One of these days people will realise not to pre-order, since nowadays games come out full of bugs, errors and whatnot; oww yeah, and maybe a litte test on the PC would be nice, before you sell a game to thousands of pc users??? Goddamn!

  31. Ross says:

    Have found it impossible to play private matches with my mates on the PS3. A couple of us spent about 40 minutes this morning trying to get a private match to connect and nothing worked. Only way around it was to join a public match and hope the others joined the game before it filled up.

    Very disappointing. Hopefully this will be fixed very very soon.

  32. craig says:

    my coppy worked fine on pc multiplayer maybe a bit laggy but after steams update yesterday i get into my game then it hangs up.. freezes and the audio is looping. i start task manager to close it and its not responding.. very very frustrating. considering trearch have made millions from gamers like us they better blody fix it.. i suggest we all email trearchs head office complaining they obviously have no balls because on there website its just a whole lot of crap blogs about how good the game is..pah yeah right pull ya head of of your arse trearch :P

  33. Dustin says:

    On ps3 version i unlocked fucking scavenger pro. but i dont start with extra clip or resuply my tactical grenade this game sucks balls

  34. Armenian-Asala says:

    It was very hard to get COD Black Ops for PC in very short time. I'm livin in Armenia and it's really hard to get something with license and properly working here, i can't find even original parts for my BMW here, so i was disopointed when something from US, wasn't working. Help me

  35. evil says:

    I have to agree, I play PC exclusively and this game is a resource hog. It plays like its the worst console port in history. In MW2 I didn't have to tweak ANYTHING graphics wise to get a silky smooth gaming experience, but in BO I have to get into the cfg file like I used to do in counter strike 10 years ago and turn all the eye candy off. Really unacceptable in todays day and age. Also the netcode seems to be sub-par. My neighbor who plays on xbox says he gets a glitchy multiplayer experience like I do. Why even bother to release on PC is you're not going to do it right? Beta test at least the multiplayer. I had my doubts when I heard Treyarch was making this one, and now they have become certainties. If this is your A-game Treyarch you're not gonna make it. Gamers usually only get burnt once by a developer.

  36. Tom says:

    It certainly isn't as smooth as MW2 and i dont see much improvements over MW2. Steam also should do more about the cheating it's destroying enjoyment of both games. Why arent hackers tagged so we know exactly whos cheating. Hardly a game now without an asshole cheat ruining it . I'll never buy another if Steam dont take us seriously. After a week playing it has refused to play giving me mesage about server too busy. I feel cheated.

  37. a says:

    same, cant do anything

  38. trkzz says:

    no…mine is custom built…basically the conclusion me and my tech guys came to is that it is a chipset issue and we just need to sit and wait for the game to be patched…it is brutal and completely ridiculous but what else is there to do?! it seems everyone has tried everything

  39. 85555 says:

    i found a video on youtube :
    and someone commented :

    finnaly i got mine fixed

    ok im not sure what file actually did the trick but ill give you the list so you can try it your self or go ya only this one would need it any way

    from the root cod bo folder i deleted localization.txt

    then i went to players and deleted config_mp

    like i said i am not sure what one of thows 2 did it but when i deleted i had steam validate the files after and re-dl them when it did that i was able to play again without the blue ring thing.

  40. 85555 says:

    This didn't work for me .. so if someone else has a solution .. plz tell us

  41. trkzz says:

    the first comment on the video (going into msconfig) blah blah blah worked for me…its running absolutely fine…the problem was that my computer was only utilizing one core of the processor and it couldn't do it…i also delete the config files and the localization files but that alone didn't solve the problem…but yeah…it definitely worked for me so good luck guys! hope it works for you…try what that first comment says! :)

  42. 85555 says:

    and what is that first comment ? :p

  43. alex says:

    it's my comment.here1. Hit the start button or press windows key + r to get the run command window.

    2. Type in MSCONFIG and hit enter. A system configuration window should pop out.

    3. Go to the Boot tab.

    4. Click on advance settings.

    5. Make sure everything in this box is unchecked. (Number of Processors, Maxmium Memory, PCI Lock, Debug etc..)

    6. Reboot.

    7. Check your task manager and see if you can see 4 cores under the performance tab.
    this only works for dual core and higher.i have single core so it sucks for me -_- but i posted it here and on the least some one will get to play now.not me though

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