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Parents’ guide to Facebook - Keep your teen safe

Parents’ guide to Facebook – Keep your teen safe

We all know that Facebook, the social networking site, can be a wonderful thing and can be a really good resource, but if you’re a parent and you have a teenager that’s online and uses Facebook, you probably also know how worried you can be about your kids staying safe while using it.

We’ve all heard cases of cyber bullying for example, or teens giving out too much information on Facebook so now there’s a really useful resource “A Parents’ Guide to Facebook” that has been launched in connection with and iKeepSafe, according to Paul Lilly over on Maximum PC. It comes as a booklet and online resource which aims at supporting parents’ aims to protect their teenagers and keep them secure while they’re using Facebook.

Larry Magid, co-director of ConnectSafely talking about using Facebook tools said, “This booklet helps parents and teens customize those tools for teen-appropriate safety, privacy, and reputation protection.” You’ll find the guide contains help for both phone and PC access to Facebook with instructions and support for maximising safety and privacy online.

For more on this go to If you’re a parent are you concerned about your teenagers online? Why not take a look at the guide and tell us what you think by sending us your comments.

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