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iOS 4.2: iPad Better For Business With Update

November 8, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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iOS 4.2: iPad Better For Business With Update

We previously brought you some news regarding the latest iPad iOS 4.2 “Gold Masters” where we were looking at some of the new and improved features of the iPad with the update, so with these features being mentioned will this make the iPad a better business tool and keep Apple’s developers on side?

Well according to Tony Bradley at PC world the final version of the iOS 4.2 update has been passed to the developers and will be being made available to the general public very soon. Some are saying that the update will be available tomorrow! I feel that Apple will need to tread carefully with this as it is the first major update that they are releasing for the iPad and we all hope that it improves the device and that there are no teething problems.

So what are the features that may help someone in business with using an iPad? The update boasts a few updates that should make it more feasible for business use such as, an improved email function that has been made more efficient and makes it easier to maintain multiple email accounts by allowing you to see all of your new emails for each account in one location. Next is enterprise support, according to Tony businesses are reluctant to start using iPads but they may start to reconsider when the new device management tools and new security features are introduced. There are other features too that include multitasking and a new folder system so head over to to read up on all of these features.

So with all of this in mind would you now use an iPad with the new iOS 4.2 update in your business? Could the new iOS 4.2 aid your business? Let us know in the comments below.

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