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Infographic chart on the Playstation Move

November 8, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Infographic chart on the Playstation Move

With Sony’s announcement last week that they had shifted 1 million Playstation Move units in North America they have decided to publish an infographic chart on their PlayStation Blog.

The chart is designed to tell everyone fun facts and show how the console is faring out in the gaming market. According to reports from Mashable the median age of intended purchasers is 28, while half the buyers are parents. The same audience is being expected for purchasers of the Xbox Kinect.

The Playstation move will now face very hot competition during the Christmas period from the Kinect after its head start. The Nintendo Wii will also try and disrupt the balance of this sales war as quite surprisingly it has easily out sold the X Box 360 and Playstation 3. Due to its massive appeal and being the first games console that deals in motion sensing, it has continued to be a massive success.

There is an interesting face on the infographic chart which says that “60% of people who are interested in the PlayStation Move already own a Wii”. A relationship between the desire for player interaction is shown here. What does the Playstation infographic chart mean to you? Has it changed your mind at all when buying consoles this holiday season? Leave us your comments below.

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