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HRH The Queen Gains 41,000 Facebook Fans

November 8, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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HRH The Queen Gains 41,000 Facebook Fans

Yesterday at OSM, we reported on the British Royal Family joining Facebook, well not them individually but an official page set up to list events, speeches, where they would be at any given time and so on. This morning at 8 am the page was launched and saw an amazing response.

According to Heidi Blake at some 41,000 Facebook users logged onto the site and clicked the “Like” button therefore giving them the benefit of automatic updates sent to them. As well as Facebook fans being able to find out the latest Royal Family news worldwide and in their area using the “Near Me” app feature, fans will be able to leave their own feedback.

Royal Family members include, HRH The Queen, Prince Charles, William and Harry and it seems that social networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Flickr are not a new concept to them. Currently on Twitter, the British Monarchy sees a jaw-dropping 70,148 followers, YouTube 32,418 followers, with people viewing film content 8.3 million times over the last three years.

Do you make up one of the 41,000 this morning logging onto Facebook? Let us know. To find out more head onto

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