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COD Black Ops UK Launch Event: Activision Live Streaming

COD Black Ops UK Launch Event: Activision Live Streaming

The time is nearly upon us, the game launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the long awaited game from Activision available for consoles such as PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and so on. Tonight, the launch event will be live streamed from 6.30 pm from Battersea Power Station, London, and for those of you who do not want to miss a minute of it, you can watch it live when checking out the link to Black Ops launch page on Facebook or by Activision’s page. Live streaming the event has made it accessible to just about anyone on the internet as with so many single events taking place it would be difficult to get round to all of them.

CVG has given us a break down of what you can expect to see tonight from 6.30 pm. From the start you will be able to get a ‘behind the scenes” look at Battersea Power Station, home of the launch party. An hour later at 7.30 pm things get underway with VIPs and celebrities walking down the Black Carpet having their wits about them as they are taken over by Black Ops commandos. As the evening progresses, there will be the UK’s first multiplayer challenge, Treyarch will take to the stage to give you an insight into how the game was developed, EU multiplayer tournament, Treyarch take on questions, first viewing reactions are featured, a celebrity tournament along with a live DJ set from Freestyle games.

Then finally at 10 pm you can join in with the countdown to launch. From 10.45 pm Oxford Street’s GAME will be LIVE where we will get to see the sheer number of people queuing for the midnight opening at the store. At 11.00 pm you can tune in to see America’s launch footage on November 4 and then the anticipation really kicks in. With just an hour to go until midnight, queuing gamers will be interviewed, presenters will look inside the Prestige Edition of the game plus a sneaky preview into what VIP goody bags will contain and then yes, midnight. The Launch!

Will you be braving the weather and queuing up tonight for your copy or will you be logging onto the live streaming? Let us know. To find out the event details hour by hour head over to CVG.

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  1. Ahmed omar says:

    only loser gamers with nop life get the game at midnight so ill just get it a couple days later when im bothered

    • Shiptar says:

      F*ck you man! you must be ashamed just because of carrying a holy person`s name but making stupid comments. What if live just 5 mins from there and by going there at a time that I am usually awake and get free bonuses. Do not be pre-judged.

      • West says:

        Just ignore the fool shiptar , he is probably not allowed out that late . School night after all mummy will pick it up for him later in the week.

  2. Ilyas Hans says:

    He has a point why wait in the cold, wen u can get a copy in few days.. why why why u loosers

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