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COD Black Ops Review: YouTube For Zombies - Hands-on

COD Black Ops Review: YouTube For Zombies – Hands-on

Ok we are hours away from the release of COD Black Ops but if you are like me, you just cannot wait to play the new game. You can watch the live launch on Facebook here that is if you haven’t already pitched your tents outside the shops!

There seem to be a lot of people playing it already and of course, one of the most anticipated features to COD Black Ops is the zombie mode, so get your microphones charged and at the ready so that you can connect up with all of your friends and try and get as far as you can. It’s a shame that there wasn’t any development around adding zombie mode stats into Facebook that would have made it even more rewarding when you go three or four levels above your friends best.

If you want to keep a closer eye on what is going on with COD Black Ops then you can head over to their Facebook page where there is plenty of information to keep you busy until the release! If you want more than just a Facebook page then you are in luck, head over to Peter Chubb’s article on product-reviews and scroll down the page to see two videos of the new Zombie mode hands on.

Is COD Black Ops going to take over your life? What will you play more, the campaign, multiplayer or Zombies?

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  1. karesha t gibson says:

    karesha gibson

  2. danny says:

    waiting on a new ps3, so the servers might of calmed down by then…..cant wait.

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