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Caravan Thief Caught On Camera Via Google Street View

November 8, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Caravan Thief Caught On Camera Via Google Street View

Since Google’s Street View was released it has had its fair share of bad publicity, most recently an issue with collecting our personnel details via unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

It seems though that Street View has been able to shine the light on some criminal activity, according to Techwatch. Although it had been said that the criminal element could use the street mapping system to source possible venues for burglary, Street View has been able to assist in capturing an image that has then been used to solve a crime.

When a Derbyshire family had their caravan stolen from their driveway, Google’s camera’s managed to snap a bald man with his 4×4 parked on the drive. This man is now wanted by the police to “help them with their inquiries”. Police were unfortunately unable to make out the registration on the car as Google had blurred it out.

It is highly possible that Google have a clear image somewhere in their files and we would hope that this finds its way to the authorities. A spokesperson from Google has said that they will assist the police in anyway they can.

So with this fresh positive news on Street View can you see any plus sides to your street being watched? Give us your views and check out Techwatch for more details.

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